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Since the beginning of Teavana, they have had one goal, one mission to make life brighter with tea. But Teavana is not your boilerplate tea that reminds you of grass in the Himalayas, no Teavana teas differently. They layer premium teas with botanical and fruit flavors to create a harmony in your mouth that just leaves you wanting more like their bottle iced pineapple berry blue verbal tea or their jade citrus mint hot tea sachets.

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    Teavana Coupons and Deals

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    Teavana Review: Gotta Spill That Tea

    On a hot summer day, the best thing to quench your thirst is a cool refreshing iced tea. On a cold, snowy winter morning, there is little that is more satisfying than hot tea. Teavana sells both. But not your stereotypical tea that is just bitter and makes you want to have coffee instead. Teavana sells premium layered teas that engage every part of your palate and leaves you wishing you just had one more sip.

    Teavana sells six different bottle iced teas Pineapple Berry Blue Herbal Tea, Peach Green Tea, Passion Tango Herbal Tea, Mango Black Tea, Meyer Lemon Black Tea, and Strawberry Apple Green Tea; and six different hot tea sachets Youthberry, Peach Tranquility, Citrus Lavender, Jade Citrus Mint, Imperial Spiced Chai, and Earl Grey Creme. Whether you have a huge sweet tooth or a closet sweet tooth, you can definitely find the tea for you. Teavana specially curated these premium teas with botanical flavors and real fruit flavors that play with your taste buds anywhere you are and anywhere you go.

    Buy Teavana from your local Starbucks, select grocery stores or online from their website. Their blends really are second to none and when you try it for yourself, you’ll know that Teavana is the real tea deal. Order your tea today with promo code coupons and you’ll just have incentive to buy as much tea as you want to choose your favorite and save money as you do so.