5 Simple Tricks to Save Money While Traveling

Jun 12, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

Everyone loves a good vacation - but what if you could save money while traveling to an amazing location? With a few simple travel tips and tricks, you can save on vacations without having to sacrifice the experience. After all, nobody wants to go on holiday without enjoying the local food and attractions! Check out the list below to find out all the money-saving tips you need while traveling:

Tourist Traps

1. Avoid Tourist Traps

The most effective strategy when it comes to saving money while traveling is to avoid falling into so-called 'tourist traps.' And what's the best way to do this? By doing plenty of research, of course! A little extra digging on the country or town you'll be staying in means you can compare prices on local restaurants, hotels, gift shops, attractions, and more. With a simple Google or Yelp search, you can save a ton of money down the line.

But don't look at this research as a chore, after all it can open you up to local hot-spots and favorites that you otherwise wouldn't have found. This means you can get into the spirit of your destination and get a sense for the culture that you're about to dive into.

Travel Brochures and Guidebooks

2. Bye Bye Brochures

Guidebooks and brochures can often look beautifully put together on paper, as they feature scenic landscapes and intriguing facts about a country. But are they really necessary? Thanks to the Internet, all of the information in guidebooks can be easily accessed for free. It's recommended that you skip buying a brochure, and instead do plenty of online research yourself. This way, you can create your own mini-guide that is perfectly tailored around your interests.

Traveling Transportation Hacks

3. Transportation Tips & Tricks

As odd as this may sound, have you ever considered taking a walk using Google maps before arriving at your destination? While it may sound strange, this can help you check out the actual distances between your hotel and surrounding attractions. Thanks to this tactic, you'll be much more familiar with the area and you'll no longer wonder if you should walk or Uber to that bar down the road.

Most travelers, especially those traveling long distance, are tempted to explore as much as possible and live like a local. While this is a great mindset to have while traveling, it's important to remember not to plan your vaca around peak travel times or local holidays. This can cause an unwanted headache if you find yourself stuck in traffic due to a small towns annual parade or, even worse, stranded at the airport due to overcrowded flights. Additionally, you should look into alternative modes of transportation - you might find out that you chose a country where train tickets are incredibly expensive or are infamously unreliable.

Foreign Currency Exchange

4. Currency Counts

Next, you should plan on exchanging your money for the currency of your desired country. While some countries are becoming completely card-friendly, it's always a good idea to have some cash on-hand (just in case). When you go in to exchange your money, expect to pay some fees for the service but be careful not to overpay for your currency exchange. It is best to exchange the majority of currency once you arrive at your destination. After your plane touches down, you can often find exchange centers in airports that will charge fair rates.

Language Barriers

5. Jump the Language Barrier

You'll find that your entire vacation is easier - and much less stressful - if you can communicate with the locals. Whether you're lost and need directions, want some personal insight on the area, or just want to say a friendly "hello!" - we highly recommend learning the national language of the country you plan to visit. While tour guides and interpreters used to be essential, they are now seen as a costly and unnecessary addition to your travel budget. Instead, there is a surplus of apps and courses that allow you to practice learning a language on your own time. Thanks to options like Rosetta Stone, you can get huge discounts on subscriptions so you can save money while you learn. Right now, you can take part in their Fathers Day sale and receive 35% off a 24-Month Subscription! Thanks to these options you can learn basic phrases, questions, or even become fluent prior to your trip.