How to Save Money on Trips

Mar 19, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

Plan Ahead

Do you experience wanderlust? No matter where you visit across the globe, we advise planning ahead. Whether you take a short trip, or a longer one, the more you plan ahead, the more you will save. Also, planning ahead doesn’t always mean buying your plane ticket early. Sometimes you can actually spend more money by purchasing flights before the sales begin. Track flights ahead of time, but only buy when the price is right. When it comes to hotels, if you’re just making a reservation, and not purchasing in advance, book early. You can later re-check the hotel prices, cancel, and re-book as the rates lower. If the prices don’t drop, then you are locked in at the best price by having reserved early.

Use Credit Cards with Points for Travel

You may not have to even pay for your flight and/or hotel room! That’s right, you can get either or both for free by redeeming points earned on purchases made with certain credit cards. Check out your existing credit cards and see if any have points that they offer in exchange for hotels or flights. Some credit cards will even let you transfer points for other travel-related offers. You can also sign up for travel-focused credit cards. The Chase Hyatt Credit Card offers very generous points exchanges. Marriott and Hilton also offer their own credit card. If you pick a hotel card, enroll in their rewards program. You will build points fast by putting every expense on your card. Have a favorite airline? Why not sign up for their credit card? They usually offer deals for opening a new card that could get you a free trip quickly. For example, Southwest and Delta have 50,000+ point offers for signing up for their cards and programs.

Private Vacation Rentals

Check out Airbnb and TurnKey for deals on condos, apartments, and homes! You can often stay in an actual home with your own kitchen for less than a small hotel room. This is a great option if you’re taking a trip with multiple friends or your family. You will have the ability to book everything from a room in someone’s house to your own private condo. Check the filters during your online search to make sure you get everything you want when you book lodging. Unlike hotels and motels, which almost universally offer heat and air conditioning, the amenities in properties on Airbnb and VRBO will vary. Think about places on these sites as you would when looking to rent or buy a home. Make no assumptions and read all details to know what you’re getting. You will save money with this option, but research is key. Consider the reviews and refund policies very carefully.

Take Online Surveys for Points

Do you love flying Southwest? It is one of the more popular, well-organized, and budget-friendly airlines. If you want to get free points toward flights, get free rapid rewards account at Southwest. Then head over to and sign up for surveys. Fill out their surveys in exchange for online dollar amounts, and then exchange them for points on Southwest or other offers.

Go Off-Season

Trips are the most expensive during peak seasons. For example, everyone wants to go to Hawaii during Christmas. Research the areas you wish to visit and Google when their off-season occurs. If your travel dates are flexible, take your trip when others are not. Off-season prices are usually cheaper for flights and lodging. Just make sure that the main attractions you’re most interested in are open during the off-season. Off-season tends to me mean that the area will be less crowded with tourists.

Girls Love Travel Facebook Group

If you’re a female, we definitely recommend joining the Facebook group called Girls Love Travel. Over five 500,000 members share amazing travel tips about locations everywhere. You will learn ways to save money on all aspects of your trip!

Make your trip planning as fun as the traveling you plan to do. There’s nothing better than going somewhere knowing that you’ve maximized your funds!