Summer Trends That Are Sure To Suffice In Style And In Savings!

Jun 06, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

Summertime is full of trends and comebacks. Either way, there are some trends that just keep popping up and it is possible to rock them no matter what your aesthetic or style. Though some of these outfits can retail for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, it is possible to find affordable options that keep you in style without having to save an entire paycheck to purchase.

floral blouse

Florals are fitting for the season

The fashion mags and designers say florals are making a comeback, but we think you can’t make a comeback if you never left. Florals are always in style and summer is the perfect excuse to wear all things foliage. They are seen on many things from pants to tops, dresses, jumpsuits and just about anything that you can think of. Florals come in big bold print and small ornate patterns and are both equally popular and depending on the color mix, look good on everyone. If you’ve been wanting to rock florals, now is your chance! If you find them a little too feminine, pair them with some jeans or distressed shorts and flat sneakers! With so many choices, shop around until you find something that resonates with your personal style.


Jump on the jumpsuit craze

The jumpsuit has never really gone out of style! This popular trend just changes from summer season to summer season, with styles and ways of wearing the jumpsuit. Many different styles of jumpsuits are in stores right now, so practically anyone from very feminine, to laidback and relaxed personalities can find a fit that works for them. For a flirty fit, try a fitted jumpsuit. If you’re looking to give off a more laidback vibe then a more relaxed fit or a jumpsuit with a more flowy material may suffice.

workout leggings and shoes

Give a Nod to the Athleisure trend

Sporty Spice did it best but Lululemon and Nike continue the trend of athletic looks for the gym or for brunch with the girls. This trend can really transform a look and can make an outfit wearable during the day but also at night. For example a sporty tee paired with fitted jeans and heels can also be a great night out outfit. The same goes for a sporty romper material, but with a tighter more flirty fit, can translate into a relaxed date night outfit! This trend is all about how you style the pieces that you have on. Let your accessories and shoes really shine alongside of your outfit for the right statement!

off the shoulder top

Show off some skin

Shoulders are a favorite body part this summer! There are Bardot styles, ruffled short sleeves, the cold shoulder and embellished pieces and even shoulder pads or molded shoulders still around. These are just a few of the shoulder trends around for the summer of 2018. With so many options it can be hard to choose, so why do it? Get a few different types of pieces with shoulder detailing this summer. Perhaps step out of your comfort zone and try something daring! If you have a bold statement-making shoulder, dress down the rest of the outfit, or leave it simple. If the shoulder detail is not over the top, such as Bardot or cold shoulder styles, you can dress up the outfit more with accessories or statement-making pants, hair, or whatever you choose.

While there are many trends for this summer season, these are the most prominent and have a wide variety of offerings. It’s great to be on trend and fashionable but even greater when you can get your fashion and save while looking just as good as the runway models!