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Enjoy the outdoors in any weather with the Zero Breeze portable air conditioners. Zero Breeze provides the perfect solution for campers who need air conditioners to use on their outdoors adventures where power is a limitation. The battery powered solutions are affordable and portable so you can use them anywhere. This solution allows you to move freely and embrace a future that doesn’t rely on central energy sources so you can live off the grid comfortably. Through corporation with compressor research and development institutions, Zero Breeze managed to customize its compressors to create revolutionary portable air conditioning solutions. Zero Breeze has managed to subvert the traditional air conditioning duct to develop a unique air duct system in order to achieve a compact design you can carry around easily. Continuous improvement is a core objective for Zero Breeze and the company achieves that through new research and development, simulation analysis, as well as experimental testing regularly conducted to improve their models. This has led Zero Breeze to develop two successive portable air conditioner models, the Mark 1 and Mark 2. The first Zero Breeze air conditioner is powered by a 12V battery through an interchangeable power base and can last up to 5 hours with normal use and 3.5 hours at full load. The latest edition Zero Breeze Air Conditioner Mark 2 can blow cold air 30oF lower than the environment within 10 minutes and is 60% lighter and 48% smaller than traditional portable air conditioners. Stay cool wherever you are, while you save by ordering with a Zero Breeze coupon from

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ZERO BREEZE Coupons and Deals

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Zero Breeze is a manufacturer and online retailer of portable, battery powered air conditioners. Launching the firs battery-powered portable air conditioner on Kickstarter in 2016, Zero Breeze has continued on its drive to allow campers and other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy their activities in any weather with portable air conditioning systems. Zero Breeze has since launched the Air Conditioner Mark 2 to redefine portable air-conditioning through a device that can blow air 30oF lower than the environment in just 10 minutes. Enjoy your outdoors at little cost when you use a Zero Breeze promo code to purchase your own air conditioner at a reduced price.

Order the low cost Zero Breeze Air Conditioner Mark 1 to take on your outdoor adventures. This incredible device has a patented built-in micro compressor helping it deliver 11 000 BTU and is powered by a 12V battery. The Mark 1 is powered through an interchangeable power base which lasts 5 hours with normal use or 3.5 hours at full load which is rechargeable from an in-house wall plug while cooling air to 10oF lower than the ambient temperature. You can store this light, 12-pound air conditioner in a truck or a small shelf and carry it with one hand. The standard package order comes with the air conditioning host, a power adapter, exhaust pipe and an instruction manual to which you can add a smart battery. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, place an order for your air conditioner to use anywhere with a Zero Breeze coupon so you can get what you need at a discounted price.

Enjoy the fastest cooling effect in a portable air conditioner with the Zero Breeze Air Conditioner Mark 2. This revolutionary, cordless, battery-powered air conditioner allows you to enjoy cool air whether you’re camping, in your RV, or even in a cabin. The built-in 24V adaptive frequency micro compressor allows it to blow air that’s 30oF lower than ambient air in 10 minutes. Weighing just 16.5 pounds, this device is 48% lighter and 60% smaller than most portable air conditioners in the market. Enjoy 5 hours of cooling with the battery you can recharge in your car or using solar. You can also power it up with any third party batteries as well and it will work perfectly fine. The Mark 2 comes with a cold air temperature display for you to adjust to suit your needs and a sleep mode, perfect for night time on your camping trips.

Check out the Zero Breeze blog to find helpful articles on choosing portable air conditioners and troubleshooting any issues that come up. You can also find Zero Breeze on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with cool articles and posts for you to enjoy.

Zero Breeze Shipping Policy

Zero Breeze orders are processed at the factory in China. Processing takes 3 to 7 business days after the payment is made, then the order is transported to the U.S. in 3 to 7 business days and cleared by customs in 1 to 2 business days. Your order is then sent to your address within 2 to 4 business days. APO and FPO addresses incur extra shipping charges and no customs or tax charges are charged to U.S. customers.

Zero Breeze Return Policy

You can cancel your Zero Breeze order before it is shipped and receive a full refund including shipping charges. Any order that does not meet your satisfaction can be returned to Zero Breeze by requesting prior authorization via email providing proof of receipt. You can return unopened Mark 1, Mark 2, and batteries in the original packaging to receive a refund, less the shipping costs, within 30 days of making the purchase. All opened Mark 1, Mark 2, and batteries, whether used or unused can be returned in the same period with an additional 30% restocking and refurbishment fee charged to you. You should make sure you inspect your orders upon arrival and notify Zero Breeze of any errors, damages, or non-conformities within 5 days from receipt.

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