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Don't have time to visit the post office? Stamps.com brings the convenience of post office services to the comfort of any home. Thanks to Stamps.com, both business professionals and consumers can access postage and shipping labels on demand, a wide range of coupons, discounts and promo codes and much more. Stamps.com’s online postage service enables small businesses, enterprises, and consumers to print U.S. Postal Service approved postage with just a PC, printer, and internet connection, right from your house or office.

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The process of visiting a local post office, waiting in line and sending out mail can be time-consuming and exhausting. Thankfully, there's Stamps.com, an online service that provides convenient access to postage on demand.

Stamps.com gives users the ability to print their own postage and shipping labels in seconds, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To use Stamps.com, an individual first needs to set up an account and click to buy and calculate postage costs. Next, an individual can print postage on a label, envelope or plain paper. To complete the process, an individual can affix the postage and send his or her package to any location, at any time.

In comparison to traditional postage meters, Stamps.com offers additional features at a fraction of the costs. Stamps.com also provides users with the ability to instantly process and print shipping labels, along with seamless access to shipping coupons, promo codes and other discounts. Furthermore, Stamps.com provides $5 free postage to use during the first four weeks of service. This means individuals can enjoy extra savings when they try Stamps.com.

For those who choose Stamps.com, they won't have to pay too much to use the website's services. The monthly fee for Stamps.com is $15.99, including the first month. The service will continue without interruption for as long as a customer chooses. And if a customer decides to cancel his or her service at a later date, there is no cancellation fee to stop service.

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