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Wine Society knows that good wine doesn’t need to come in a bottle or burn a hole in your wallet. Good wine is good wine is good wine. And good wine should be shared which is what Wine Society wants to help you do. They sell premium canned red, white, rose, and gamay wine. Use our discounts and save on variety of premium blends in one box. Made from the best California Grapes. Cork-free and Convenient. Great Gift for that special someone.

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WINE SOCIETY Coupons and Deals

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Wine Society: Re-Think Wine

Wine should be paired with your favorite foods, enjoyed with your friends at any time of day anywhere. Wine should make you feel happy. Wine should connect you with other people. Those are among the millions of great things that wine should do, and don’t get it twisted, wine does do all of that. But, wine should not be expensive. And, it surely shouldn’t have to live and be presented in a bottle. Wine Society is changing the wine game by bringing to you something so simply wine.

Wine Society sells premium canned wine from the highest quality vineyards from the hills of California designed to bring you pleasure and convenience at the same time being environmentally friendly. You really couldn’t ask for more. They offer four great blends of Tempt: an irresistible red wine, Fate: a crisp white wine, Chance: a fruity rose wine, and Pleasure: a floral gamay wine. You can buy these wines in boxes filled with your favorite wine or you can purchase a Little Black Box which gives you one red, one white, and one rose wine, or a Premium Variety Pack to get three reds, three whites, and three roses. You can purchase these boxes as a one time purchase or you can do yourself a favor and choose Keep The Wine Flowing, where you get the box you choose delivered to your door every month if you want.

Whether you are indulging by yourself or sharing with friends, Wine Society is perfect for you. Wine is exciting, wine is indulgent, and wine could be even better when you save on it by using discount codes with your order.