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Nursing Pillow was founded by Jenny Bosco, a mother of five children. The company supplies soft, durable nursing pillows that come in a variety of colors. It also offers promo codes and discounts to help shoppers purchase premium nursing pillows, and ultimately, help moms nurse comfortably.

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Nursing Pillow Coupons and Deals

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Nurse Comfortably Thanks to Nursing Pillow

Nursing Pillow offers a plush, durable pillow unlike any other on the market. It sells nursing pillows that are designed to be just the right size for nursing moms. Plus, Nursing Pillow products come in seven different colors to match a mom's personality. And with Nursing Pillow's promo codes and discounts, shoppers can pick up affordable nursing pillows that moms can enjoy for an extended period of time.

Jenny Bosco of Pleasant Grove, Utah is the brainchild behind Nursing Pillow. A mother of five children, Bosco has launched several Mothers Lounge brand products, including the Nursing Pillow and Carseat Canopy. Bosco spends 40 hours or week or more working to improve Mothers Lounge products. Today, the Nursing Pillow and other Mothers Lounge products represent top choices for moms around the globe.

Bosco's Nursing Pillow is exceedingly popular, and for good reason. It comes in three options: print, minky and pregnancy pillows. Each Nursing Pillow product is constructed from top-of-the-line materials to ensure it will maintain its quality. Furthermore, Nursing Pillow products are reasonably priced to guarantee shoppers won't have to spend too much.

Nursing Pillow goes the extra mile to provide products that make it easier than ever before for moms to nurse. Each Nursing Pillow product is portable and lightweight, enabling a mom to bring the product with her as needed. Best of all, Nursing Pillow products deliver an outstanding combination of fashion and function, guaranteeing that moms won't have to sacrifice their unique style to nurse comfortably.