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National Car Rental has more than 2,000 locations worldwide as of 2005. You can reserve a rental car online, and enroll in their widely praised Emerald Club for amazing benefits: bypass the counter, select from free rental days, and get your hands on special offers. Whether you’re visiting a city on business or traveling for pleasure, you can find last-minute specials and car rental deals off weekend and weekly rentals. National Car Rental allows you to have a car to use anywhere you visit at affordable prices. Rent a car suited to your needs in over 1,500 locations worldwide to help you go about your business and personal errands with ease. National Car Rental has been providing customers with reliable car rental services since 1947. You can enjoy the convenience of booking your rental online to ensure that your car is waiting for you when you arrive. You can join the exclusive Emerald Club, perfect for regular travelers to get access to benefits for using the service like free rental days and National Car Rental discounts. National Car Rental also offers a mobile app for easy bookings and managing your Emerald Club profile. You can get a car at major airports and locations in all 51 United States in addition to most Central, South American, and Caribbean cities. National Car Rental also serves across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. Whether you’re going on a business trip or you need a car for personal use during a trip, National Car Rental provides a variety of options to choose from. Get an economy fuel-saving car, a full-size sedan, SUV, or a luxury vehicle to suit your requirements from the wide collection of vehicles. National Car Rental can also provide a pickup truck for you to use on a project trip or 7-seater and 15-seater vans to accommodate a group. Get access to vehicles of your choice when you travel and save by applying a National Car Rental promo code from to book a sweet ride at sweet rates.

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National Car Rental Coupons and Deals

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National Car Rental Coupons

National Car Rental is an American agency that provides car rental services in locations around the U.S. and all over the world. In 1947, 24 independent car rental agencies based in different locations around the country merged to form this company. This enabled the company to offer travelers access to vehicle rentals on their trips around the country. By providing reliable and affordable services, National Car Rental managed to grow beyond the borders and now offers car rentals in over 1,500 locations globally. Enjoy convenience on your trips by renting a car at a discounted price using a National Car Rental coupon code from

You can easily rent a car from your home or office on the National Car Rental website to have it waiting for you when you take the trip. You can navigate on the website to see the services offered and browse through the different vehicles offered. Make a reservation by entering a city, zip or airport code, and the dates you want to pick up and return the car. National Car Rental allows you to view the reservations you’ve made on the website to modify or cancel it. You can view the cars available for your destination with features for each provided to make an informed choice. Once you’re ready to make a payment, you can apply a National Car Rental coupon for a discounted booking.

Get access to a car in most parts of the world you wish to travel to with National Car Rental. Cars are available at major locations in all 51 United States, as well as across Canada and South America. Thanks to this company’s service, when you make your business or personal trips to locations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Pacific, as well as Africa, you’ll always have a car to use. Plus, you can book the car using a National Car Rental discount code for savings.

National Car Rental offers up to 25-carclass options for you to choose from and drive around in a vehicle suiting your needs. Get an economic car to drive around while saving on gas, or a compact, midsize or standard sedan to accommodate passengers as you move around. National Car Rental offers stylish convertible, luxury vehicles and sports cars too, to give you elegance, or you can opt for the electric car for environmentally friendly travels. You can also choose from 15 SUV class options or get a pick-up truck to carry items for your errands, as well as 7-seater and 15-seater vans for accommodating large groups. Thanks to National Car Rental deals and special offers on select cars, you can rent any kind of vehicle you need at a bargain.

Join the Emerald Club to enjoy the best service and rewards from National Car Rental, while enabling faster car rentals and convenience perfect for frequent renters. Emerald Club members earn 1 rental credit on every qualified car rental and can accumulate 7 credits to get a free rental day. As a member, you can also get Emerald Aisle Access, which allows you to choose a car of midsize or above and pay the midsize rate when renting in the U.S. and Canada. Become an Emerald Club Executive with 12 valid rentals or 40 paid rentals in a calendar year to get added benefits like access to a fullsize car at the midsize rate. 25 paid rentals or 85 paid rental days in a calendar year will earn you an upgrade to the Emerald Club Executive Elite where you can get a guaranteed vehicle of your choice up to fullsize, using the midsize rate in the U.S. and Canada.

For more convenient and fast bookings, you can download the Nationalmobile app, available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The app allows you to login to the Emerald Club and control your Emerald Aisle locations so you can scan vehicles to get details on features and mileage. The National app also allows you to make easy reservations and get access to a Rental Tracker which gives information on trips whenever you need it.

National Car Rental Saving Tips

Besides joining the rewards club which gives you great benefits and savings, you can check for National Car Rental deals as well on the website before you make your booking.