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Enterprise Rent-a-Car is an American car rental company that prefers to take the road less traveled. Enterprise is a leading provider of car rentals, commercial truck rentals and used car sales. It also offers promo codes that make it simple for travelers to rent vehicles at budget-friendly prices. Renting a car, truck, moving van, or any other vehicle is a lot easier with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The company has been in the business for a long time, which has given them a lot of experience with the service. That’s why Enterprise Rent-A-Car is able to serve you in the best way possible with unbeatable deals too. Their services are available in a lot of locations in the country and abroad so you can access affordable car rentals no matter where you are. With a fleet of over 7,000 vehicles to choose from, you’ll be able to ride in style in a vehicle of your choice. Apart from the car rental program, Enterprise Rent-A-Car also lets you buy a car and trade-in your old one. There’s a large selection to choose from, plus a fair ‘Value your Vehicle” option to price the vehicle you want to trade-in. If you don’t want to buy a car and you want a more affordable way to rent one for everyday use, you can take advantage of the Car Sharing Enterprise Rent-A-Car deals available. With Car Sharing and Commute with Enterprise, you can ride with co-workers and split the costs so you travel to work comfortably, while saving lots of money and keeping your personal vehicle from wearing out (if you have one). Even businesses can get affordable car rentals from Enterprise Rent-A-Car and save money on transportation costs, which they can use towards other aspects of their business. Whether it’s for business or personal use, for more affordable vehicle rentals, use the Enterprise Rent-A-Car coupons and promo codes available on our site to get a discount on your rental.

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enterprise Coupons and Deals

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Enterprise Rent A Car Coupons

Jack Taylor founded Enterprise Rent-A-Car in 1957 to offer affordable transportation solutions. Currently, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is one of the largest providers of this service, offering a variety of options including car and truck rentals, car sharing, and even car sales. Enterprise Rent-A-Car operates from over 8,000 locations around the world, serving quite a large community. Since it was founded, the company has remained true to it’s founding principles of honesty and integrity. That’s why they also offer fair prices and Enterprise Rent-A-Car deals so you can get affordable, quality services.

The first thing you need to do to be able to use Enterprise Rent-A-Car services is sign up for an account. After signing in, you can access all the services available on the site. With Enterprise Rent-A-Car, you can rent, buy, or share a car. You can click on the relevant section of the service you’re interested in and see what options are available. The car rentals section, for example, has many options for reserving a car, moving truck or van, getting long-term car rentals, replacement vehicles, and business solutions. If you’re doing a once off reservation, you can enter a pick-up location and see what’s available. For more convenience and flexibility, you can Subscribe with Enterprise instead and get access to various vehicles, plus maintenance and insurance coverage. All you need to do is make one monthly payment, which you can get at a lower price thanks to Enterprise Rent-A-Car promotions and discounts.

Of course, no discussion of Enterprise would be complete without mentioning the company's commitment to quality and affordability. All Enterprise vehicles are comprehensively evaluated to ensure optimal safety. Plus, Enterprise offers a broad array of vehicles to make it easy for travelers to find the right vehicle, at any location, at any time. Enterprise ensures travelers can rent vehicles at budget-friendly prices too. It provides regular promo codes and discounts designed to help travelers get where they need to go. Also, The Enterprise Plus loyalty program rewards travelers with free rental days on any available car on any day.

Enterprise remains driven to succeed in all that it does, and the company constantly explores ways to enhance its services. The company is a leader in the car rental industry, and as such, is capable of serving all of a traveler's transportation needs.

If you’re not up for leasing a car from time to time, you can own your own instead and Enterprise Rent-A-Car has a great fleet you can choose from. Because buying a a car is a pretty big deal, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has an inventory of over 7,000 vehicles so you have plenty of choice. Under the Buy section, you can browse the selection, find a dealership, and if you want to trade in your own, you can use the Value Your Vehicle option. When you’re buying, make sure you check for Enterprise Rent-A-Car discounts and deals so you can save on your new baby.

For those who are up for car sharing, the Share section has everything you need. You can start car sharing by finding a program near you, then signing up on the Enterprise CarShare site. With this CarShare option, you can rent a vehicle by the hour, day, or overnight and you’ll be able to access it 24/7. The share fee includes fuel, protection in the event of physical damage or liability, and member service support whenever you need it. There’s also the option to Commute with Enterprise, which involves connecting co-workers who stay close to each other and providing an SUV, van or crossover for them to use for their daily commute together. It makes it easier for you to get to work, plus sharing the costs makes it more affordable for everyone who’s part of the commute. It also gives your personal vehicle (if you have one) a break and riders can save as much as $6,000 a year or $500 a month.

If you’re looking for vehicle rental solutions for your business, you can explore the For Business section and browse through the solutions available. Solutions for business that are available include enterprise business rental program, entertainment and VIP rentals, mileage reimbursement calculator, enterprise truck rental, enterprise CarShare for business, and commute options. You can click on whichever services apply to you and make your reservation. Make sure you check the Enterprise Rent-A-Car discounts and deals page to see how you can save on your rentals.

Besides helping you save money on convenience, the company has many partnerships that allow you to get great rewards through the Enterprise Partner Rewards Program. The partners are Hilton Honors, Amtrak Guest Rewards, CAA Rewards, and Flying Blue. You can select any of the partners on the list and start earning miles, points and lots more savings towards your next rental.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Return Policy

Security deposits are refunded in full once you return the vehicle, except in the case of additional charges like fuel replacement, a late return, and damage to the vehicle. If you Subscribe with Enterprise, you’ll have to commit to an initial term of two full calendar months. After that, you can cancel your subscription by sending an email to

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Saving Tips

You can get the latest Enterprise Rent-A-Car discounts on rentals, amazing rates, and special offers by signing up to receive emails. The Enterprise Rent-A-Car deals and promotions page also has the latest offers you can get on your car rentals. There are also special rates for military, government, and veteran car rentals on this page.

Travel the Open Road This Fall with Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Travel the Open Road This Fall with Enterprise Rent-A-Car

The all-American road trip has long been a signature, truly beloved adventure, and with the onset of the autumn season, you can bet that tens of millions of travelers will be hitting up the open road to experience the fancy foliage, and breezy winds