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Tone up and get fit from the comfort of your home with Bluefin Fitness solutions. Bluefin Fitness uses vibration technology to provide weight-loss solutions which offer amazing results. This technology has been applied to the Bluefin Fitness vibration massage plate, providing an effective way to burn fat while building up muscle through high speed, multi-directional workouts. The vibrations on the plate cause the enhancement of simple exercise routines to maximise the burning of body fat for better results. With such technology, muscle contraction can increase up to 50 times the usual amount for an exercise, ensuring rapid results by targeting specific muscle groups on the vibration plate. The vibrations also help improve your core strength and produce visible toning and shaping results. Bluefin fitness is committed to providing high quality products with innovation through exceptional customer service and affordable prices. There are four designs of the vibration plate to choose from, with a range of fitness enhancing features. Burn fat with the sleek Ultra Slim vibration plate with up to 180 levels and 5 workout programs while you enjoy music from the built-in Bluetooth speaker. You can also upgrade to the 3D vibration plate to enjoy workout in 3 dimensions with both vibration and oscillation movements, or the 4D vibration plate with additional micro oscillation and up to 40 vibrations per second speed. Bluefin Fitness has also developed the Pro vibration plate, an ultra-powerful professional vibration massage trainer for a complete workout. If you like the sound of al this, you can order the affordable vibrational plate and save while you get fit by using Bluefin Fitness coupons from Promocodes.com.

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Bluefin Fitness Coupons and Deals

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Bluefin Fitness Coupons

Bluefin Fitness is a fitness solutions provider which sells vibrational massage plates. Established in 2013 in West Yorkshire, UK, Bluefin Fitness has grown from humble beginnings to becoming the number one vibration massage retailer in the UK and has since expanded to other countries including the United States. Their expansion has been on the basis of a passion for health and fitness, high quality products, innovation, and brilliant customer service. With Bluefin Fitness vibration plates, you can start on your weight loss journey towards the body you desire without excessively intense workouts. You don’t need to spend too much money either. A Bluefin Fitness promo code will help you save when you buy these one-of-a-kind fitness solutions.

The Bluefin Fitness vibration massage plates offer several health benefits to your workout sessions and help you burn more fat so you can lose weight in a shorter time. The vibrations enhance your simple workout routines by enabling 50 times the usual muscle contraction for rapid results with light sessions. Targeting specific muscle groups to build them up is even easier with the vibrations. You can also improve your core strength and athletic power as the vibrations ensure that your abdomen, back and pelvic muscles work harder. Using the vibrational plates makes physical activity easier over time and helps to produce more pronounced toning and shaping by combating cellulite build-up. Order the vibrational plate which comes with a range of accessories like resistance cords and bands, as well as a useful workout poster and nutrition guide using a Bluefin Fitness discount code to get it all at a reduced price.

Lose as much body fat in 10 minutes on the sleek and compact Ultra Slim vibration plate as you would in 1 hour at the gym. This model offers 180 levels and 5 built-in programs targeting weight loss and toning through up to 12 vibrations per second. If you spend a little more, you can order the 3D vibration plate with similar features and oscillation movement added, as well as an increased vibration of 13 times per second. Bluefin Fitness also offers the 4D vibration plate with 4D motion which includes vibration, oscillation, and micro vibration at the same time. This delivers up to 40 vibrations per second to give you a full workout in just 10 minutes. Enjoy a more traditional style workout on the Pro Vibration plate which is designed to help you lose weight rapidly by targeting those stubborn fat areas. This model comes with built-in speakers you can connect to via AUX, and it offers linear vibration. Choose whichever model you want to help you lose weight and get that toned body you desire and order it with a Bluefin Fitness coupon to save.

Bluefin Fitness Shipping Policy

Bluefin Fitness offers free delivery of vibration plates to addresses in the United States. Orders are usually delivered in 2 to 5 business days after dispatch, via FedEx or UPS. You can keep track of your order using the tracking details that will be sent to you after it’s shipped.

Bluefin Fitness Return Policy

Each unit from Bluefin Fitness comes with a 12-month warranty, as well as a lifetime warranty on the motor of the vibrational plates and folding weights bench. This means if any technical issue arises within the 12 months, Bluefin Fitness will fix it for free. Issues like general wear and marks from use, water damage, or other improper use, damage or dropping are not covered by the warranty. You can return new unused items for a full refund in 30 days from the start of the warranty, as long as they are sealed and in the original packaging.

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