Worrywarts Rejoice: 8 Low-Cost Stress Relievers

Worrywarts Rejoice: 8 Low-Cost Stress Relievers

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamAug 16, 20133 min read

A deadline looms on the horizon, squeezing you tight. One of your coworkers got canned, and now you’ve been blessed with his responsibilities. Home is no different; your cat misses the litter box with impressive consistency and your bills stack higher than your checks. Stress grips you like a vise, and there’s nowhere to turn. The good news—you can always fight back. Here are nine products that’ll help you combat the noxious effects of chronic stress:

Psi Bands Wristbands

Easily worn like a wristwatch, the Psi Bands use acupressure to stimulate the body’s curative abilities to relieve you from motion sickness and other forms of nausea. You can adjust the amount of pressure to meet your comfort level. Drug-free, waterproof and reusable, the Psi Bands are available at REI for the low price of only $16. Killing stress, however, is priceless.

B12 Patch

Akin to a nicotine patch, B12 Patches won’t help you quit smoking, but they’ll sure help do away with stress. B12 Patches are safe and inexpensive and negate the feelings of sluggishness and forgetfulness that plague the workaholic. All you have to do is stick it on and forget about it, and within seconds, the stress bug melts away. These nifty patches are available in an eight-pack at Amazon for less than $20.

iPhone Meditation Apps

There are more than a dozen meditation apps available at Apple iTunes for free. Whether you’re on an airplane, in your car commuting to work, or on your lunch break, iPhone apps like Simply Being, Headspace, and The Mindfulness App provide positive affirmations and deep relaxation sessions when you need them the most. Basically, they’re your own personal meditation guides. Practical and easy to fit in to your daily schedule, these apps will get you to the right state of mind in minutes.

NaturalCare Anxiety Relief

Worry, panicky feelings, apprehension—all will be tossed to the side with NaturalCare Anxiety Relief. Available at VitaCost for $9, these supplements help do away with those feelings of stress vulnerability. There are no side effects, synthetic drugs or other impairments involved. Many reviews indicate that NaturalCare Anxiety Relief does wonders in coping with today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Say goodbye to those minor, albeit overwhelming, annoyances once and for all!

Empower Scented Stress Ball

There is science behind the stress ball. In essence, you transfer your negative energies into the stress ball by shifting your concentration elsewhere. Along with the perks of being delightfully scented and soothingly colored, the Empower Scented Stress Ball increases blood circulation and assists in meditation.

Eucalyptus Spearmint Home Fragrance

One spritz is all it takes. Soon you’ll be breathing in a rich, distinctive and relaxing scent. The Eucalyptus Spearmint Home Fragrance is available at Bath & Body Works for only $7. By using code RAINBOW13, you can get a 20 percent price reduction.

Blossom Bomb Mesh Squeeze Toy

Squeeze the life out of your stress. Made of thermoplastic rubber, mesh and non-toxic gel, the Blossom Bomb Mesh Squeeze Toy feels great in your hand and robs that dreaded focus on bad thoughts. Who said adults couldn’t play with toys?

Sprayology Stress Relief

Sprayology Stress Relief is a homeopathic remedy that promotes a serene state of mind. It calms anxiety, nervousness, and eases feelings of grief or depression. Spray once, and within moments, watch irritability and oversensitivity vanish. Hit up the DermStore.

Equip yourself with the finest stress relievers around and turn day-to-day drudgery upside down. And remember—never underestimate the power of a squeeze ball.