Millennial Guide: What You Need When You Start Drinking Wine

Oct 17, 2018Reading Time: 5 min

As you grow up your tastes mature. You no longer drink vodka and sunny-d or the cheapest beer your friends could find. You have the budget for finer things in life and now that you are #Adulting you figure you should up your home bar game and explore the world of wines. There is no need to blow an entire paycheck on select bottles or splurge on crystal stemware but there are a few things every novice wine drinker needs and should consider when growing up to the world of vino. If you are going to start experimenting with wine selections to find out what kind you like, and want to learn more about how to choose wine, look to resources and ask sommeliers for notes and advice. Otherwise, start sipping and find out.

First things first, if you are going to dive into the world of wine you are going to need a few things. We have compiled a list of necessities and accessories to invest in when you get further into the world of wine. Starting with the most important tools and equipment when you are a wine novice.


Wine Glasses

First things first you need something to drink out of. Sure, you can sip from your favorite cat mug, but in order to do this whole “adult wine thing” justice, we suggest getting a solid set of glasses. For now, buy a set of 4-8 glasses (yes, real glass) that you can use for red, white and anything in between. Until you get into the thick of it, a simple wine glass can be used for all types. Don’t worry just yet about having specific glasses for specific wines. You aren’t quite ready for the lesson anyway.

Bottle Opener

Because there is NOTHING worse than having a bottle of wine you can’t open. Get a quality bottle opener, and no it doesn’t have to be electric. A simple corkscrew will do, just don’t mess it up by tearing up the cork within the bottle. Not comfortable with a corkscrew or don’t quite know how? Look up videos on how to open a wine bottle to make sure you are doing it right and impress your friends at your first dinner party.

champagne opener

Champagne Opener

We know you millennials can’t get enough of your boozy brunches so make sure you can pop that bottle of champagne for your mimosas and get a champagne bottle opener. Safer than busting it open and shooting someone in the eye with a cork, this champagne bottle opener is cute, easy and can get your bubbly flowing straight through the afternoon.



If you want to do it right, and impress your friends while doing it, having at least one good carafe is a must. This wine carafe is made from an old wine bottle and gives it a second chance and holding the nector of life, your favorite cabernet. It is a simple, affordable and necessary way to serve up those beverages like a real adult.


Once you have mastered the wine basics a.k.a opening, pouring, drinking. It is now time to take care of that wine. Here are some items you should consider when you feel like you have this whole wine thing down and are ready for the big guns.

wine preserver


So you started investing in wine that isn’t 2 buck chuck at Trader Joe’s? We recommend getting a crystal wine preservation set so you can savor and preserve your favorite and most expensive bottle. If you just want one glass at dinner and don’t want to waste a perfectly good Pinot, use this wine preservation set to act as a decanter and to create an airtight seal until you want your next glass with dinner tomorrow.

wine aerator and glasses


Make sure you get that apartment deposit back and prevent unsightly wine stains on the carpet with fancy spill resistant aerating wine glasses and coasters. The unique design prevents spillage (score), all the while properly aerating your wine to enhance and blend the aromas and flavors in your drink making for a luxurious sip. Get your money’s worth from your wine and your apartment.

wine purifier


Speaking of getting your money’s worth, sometimes impurities and sulfites find their way into your wine glass. A great way to combat that, and ensure the quality of every sip is a wine purifier with filters. This may seem a bit extra but if you are investing in your hobby of wine drinking, make sure you are also investing in your health by removing additives and impurities in your wine.

Once you get into the world of wine there is no telling where you will end up. When it comes to personal taste, equipment and selection there are endless possibilities. These products, however, are nonnegotiable. If you are going to start being an adult for real you will need a few things to enjoy the fruits of, well, fermented grapes. Get 10% off your first order at Tastemade when you stock your apartment bar up with the necessities and invest in the finer things