How to Curate an Affordable Winc Box as Told by an NYC Sommelier

Aug 31, 2018Reading Time: 5 min

Being knowledgeable about wine is a lifestyle and an art. Becoming a sommelier takes years of study and practice, but the first thing you need is an interest and passion for wine. The second, you need to drink it. The best way to take your curiosity in the world of wine a step further is to experience a variety of wines and expose yourself to what is out there. Our suggestion? A monthly wine subscription.

Winc offers a wide selection of wines so you can get a box of personally curated bottles shipped right to your door monthly for as little as $13 a bottle. With hundreds of wines to choose from, whether you are into reds or whites, you can get 4 bottles with free delivery every month.

But how do you know what wine you will like? How do you “curate” your own perfect box of wine selections every month?

If you are a wine newbie, you are in luck. connected with New York City sommelier Sydney Werry of Aldo Sohm Wine Bar to get the best tips on curating the perfect wine box from Winc.

wine bottle and glass

When choosing wine as a newbie

“Wine is intimidating,” says Werry, “but start with what you like and what you are familiar with, then branch out from there.” As they say “walk before you can run”, if you are a fan of certain wines already let that guide you. Werry said “, if you like CA Cabernet Sauvignon then maybe try a Cabernet Sauvignon from France” there is a difference in each wine as no winemaker is the same! She also warns you might have to try 2 or 3 before you can find a favorite.

Another tip when beginning your wine journey is remembering your favorite “producer”, or, the name on the label. She says “try a different wine he/she makes. This way you’re still in your comfort zone with some familiarity but you are branching out.” If you know you like a particular wine, look into others they make and put one of those bottles in your monthly box to try!

winc pamphlet

Use Your Resources

Use the resources around you like the Winc booklets and inserts in your box each month or the restaurant Sommelier. If you want to begin choosing the perfect wines for your taste buds, it all starts with a question. Werry says “when choosing a wine never be afraid to ask who is around (at the store or the restaurant) they are here to help you!” Start exposing yourself to as much information as possible. The best way to learn is from the professionals around you. That way you soak up the knowledge and take notes for next month’s box!

Wine bottles and glasses

Quality wine that is affordable

Good wine doesn’t always mean expensive either. Werry says “not all wine is created equal, expensive wine doesn’t mean great and cheap wine doesn’t mean bad.” The important thing is to find a good producer and a wine you enjoy. “If you like an $8 bottle then no shame!” she says.

For a solid once or twice a week wine a good range in price is $15-25 and you will almost always find something good. If you are bringing something as a gift or to a dinner party to impress, however, look to the $35-50 range. She also notes these are usual wine-store prices. “Prices are higher at restaurants because it takes into consideration cost and labor and a lot of other factors.” With bottles starting at $13 Winc is in the perfect price range to dive into the world of wine.

Pro tip “If you’re in a pinch, need something good and can’t spend a lot, look to France, they’ve been making wine for a long time and have a lot for a little.”

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Key Takeaways

If you are beginning your wine obsession and looking to broaden your horizons, on a monthly basis, with affordable, but still delicious, wine, then Winc is a great place to start. At a price point your wallet will love that Werry says is great for the weekly wine glass and a selection that will help you curate to your tastes, it is a great option to get what you know you like and to try new things.

  • Remember producers you like and try other wines they make
  • Don’t associate price with quality, cheap wines don’t mean bad and expensive doesn’t mean good
  • Don’t have shame in what you like, drink what YOU enjoy
  • Use resources around you, from Winc blogs and pamphlets to Sommeliers from NYC, ask questions

Enjoy your monthly wine and save on your new hobby with Winc.