Toys that are Actually Worth Buying your Kid

Apr 27, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

As a parent, your relationship with toys is probably a love/hate kind of relationship. You want your child to be engaged, active, and creative, but you also don't want any more things cluttering up the rooms in your house. We understand the need for toys that are stimulating so that your kids aren't glued to the TV or a computer, so here are a few suggestions of toys that your kids actually need: 


Arts and Crafts


Arts and Crafts

Never underestimate the power of a simple pad of paper and something to draw with. It's inexpensive, time consuming, and leaves all the room for creativity your child could ever need. There are a variety of different arts and crafts projects your child can do, so it's also fun for you to come up with ideas with your children on what they want to make throughout the year. Arts and crafts help with children's motor skills, can boost self-esteem, and your child can engage with them at pretty much any age. Plus, arts and crafts, especially paper and crayons, are incredibly flexible. You can bring them with you wherever and whenever you need to keep your kids entertained. 


Board Games

Educational Toys

Stuffed animals and baby dolls are amazing toys for your young kids, but it's important to try and start introducing more skill-based toys as early as you can. Puzzles, building blocks, and board games can start being introduced as young as 3 years old - even earlier if your kid shows interest. Then as your child get older, you can start making these games more complicated. Also try introducing your children to books, as early as you can. Even before they know how to read themselves, reading can help with their memory, speech, and imagination. 

Once your kid is around the age of 6-8, they will start developing more specific interests. If your kid is starting to show serious interest in math and science, or you want to show them that they can have fun doing that stuff, check out littleBits toys. littleBits mission is to empower kids to be creators and inventors with technology, and not just consumers of it. Technology is the way of the future so why not show your kids how to create it on their own? You never know what future you could be sparking by showing your child that they don't have to be afraid of trying something a little more "complicated". Shop with and get 20% off the Gizmos and Gadgets Kit to create big games, toys, and pranks straight out of the box. 


Outdoor Activities

Physical Activity Toys

Don't forget to get your kids outside and moving. It's amazing if they start showing an early desire for technology, reading, or other intellectual activities but still get them engaging in physical activity. They might never be a star athlete but kids, especially in recent years, need to learn how to enjoy the great outdoors. Physical activity helps develop social skills by teaching kids how to interact with others, communicate with different types of kids, and behave properly around others. Playing outside also can improve vision, increase attention span, and reduce stress. Kids won't know any of this is happening while they are meeting other kids and playing outside, but it'll make a great impact on their development. Get them a basketball, soccer ball, jump rope, or even a swing set. Determine what your budget will allow and then just get a few simple games for them to play outside. Kids make up their own games with even just a few toys. 

Giving your kids a few great toys is all they really need to have fun, until your kid shows they are serious about a specific toy or activity. Then you can build up their collection. Otherwise, you're going to have a room full of unused toys and a lot of frustration.