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March 2018
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Teach Kids How to Build Unique Inventions with littleBits Technology Kits

Why should parents be forced to settle for ordinary toys to entertain and educate their kids? Now, parents can pick up technology kits from littleBits to help children invent to their heart's delight.

littleBits prioritizes the power of play as a proven educational method. The littleBits team has studied learning through play from the teachings of Seymour Papert and experiments of Mitch Resnick. By doing so, littleBits has built age-agnostic and gender-neutral technology kits that encourage kids to become the inventors of tomorrow.

Today, littleBits offers technology kits that are fun, simple and infinitely creative. Each littleBits technology kit includes electronic building blocks that are color-coded and magnetic and make complex technology easy and enjoyable. Also, littleBits technology kits are interchangeable and encourage kids to think outside the box to create alarms, wireless robots, digital instruments and much more.

littleBits ultimately proves that anyone can be an inventor if he or she has the right tools, which is reflected in its Droid Inventor Kit. The 2018 Creative Toy of the Year, the littleBits Droid Inventor Kit enables kids to create their own droid and send it out on missions. It also comes with the Droid Inventor App that allows kids to give their droid new abilities.

For parents who are worried about the costs of high-priced technology, littleBits is ready to help. littleBits provides promo codes and discounts to help parents save on technology kits for kids of all ages. In addition, littleBits provides inventor kits designed to meet the budgets of all parents, at all times.

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