Tips To Stay Warm In A Cold Office

Tips To Stay Warm In A Cold Office

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJul 06, 20153 min read

My grandmother, mother, sister, and I have a saying: we are like sharks because we’re cold-blooded. This in no way refers to our inability to be kind to other people rather it is do to the fact that the four of us are always cold. ALWAYS. Growing up in sunny 75 degree California, I remember that besides my Care Bears lunchbox and roller backpack, I would bring a heavy jacket to school every day. Usually it was a heavy jacket and a cardigan just in case. And, sadly, although I have gotten rid of two of those items, I have not shed my ability to be cold even on the hottest days of summer. So when I started working in our highly air conditioned office, I realized that my cold-bloodedness would, like always, become an issue for me. Thankfully my vast years of being temperature-challenged has taught me to adapt much like my friend the shark.

So whether you work in hot Houston or snowy St. Louis, here are some ways I have learned to stay warm in a cold office:


North Face fingerless gloves

One thing I hate about a cold office is that my hands start to feel stiff, which makes typing on a keyboard more of a painful chore rather than an easy task. Fingerless gloves help your hands stay warm while not inhibiting your ability easily work. For a chic pair, look for some at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. Both have great choices in various colors and fabrics. If you are like me though and want to go all out, I recommend a pair of North Face gloves. Either way, you will no longer consider your keyboard your enemy.


space heater

If the office AC is on full blast and no amount of clothing can eliminate the chill, try a space heater. It’s as easy as having a fan at your desk. When it’s cold in the office that nice, warm air will be a welcomed treat. It is time to say good-bye to your goose bumps. Bed, Bath and Beyond has quality heaters for a decent price and are well worth getting that bump in temperature.


coffee joulies

Instead of focusing on heating the outside, why not focus on heating the inside…of your body that is. I came across these beauties just recently. Coffee Joulies are metal coffee beans that you drop into your morning mug. The metal absorbs the excess heat so that it is automatically drinkable and then releases the excess heat throughout the day. This way you can have that same hot cup of coffee from 9 to 5.


electric blanket from Target

If you’re a super girly-girl like me, you may feel more comfortable in dresses than pants, so your legs get cold quickly. Discovering the existence of electric blanks was a game changer for me. Kind of like a blanket that just came out of the dryer, an electric one will warm you up fast. Target has some great ones that come in plush fabrics and chic patterns.


Jack threads wearable sleeping bag 

This last one may seem a little silly, but, worse case scenario, you feel all nice and cozy and your coworkers get a laugh out of it. This sleeping bag can be rearranged so that it has armholes and foot holes. There is no chance that you will be cold (or in a bad mood) after wearing this. Jack Threads has some really cozy ones that come in different colors. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep!

I know it’s crazy to think that something as trivial as office AC can create the need for so much consideration and planning, but it does happen. By using these tactics, you can fight off goose bumps, sickness and stress. And, hopefully, the office will become more of a comfortable destination rather than a cold abomination.