5 Ways to Stay Warm in a Cold Office

Oct 03, 2013Reading Time: 4 min

Coming from the East Coast, I know cold weather, but there is a reason I sought a warmer climate. I just do not enjoy being cold. Understandably though, not everyone agrees with me about what is cold and what isn’t, so I run into some issues at work with the air conditioning temperature.

Here are a few tips that I have come up with to help myself stay warm at work, while still dressing nicely and looking professional.

Chunky Sweater

If you have a relaxed office environment, then you will completely appreciate the powers of the chunky sweater. This is my go-to fall addition because I can layer it with my dresses and skirts from summer when the air kicks in or the sun starts going down, but it also extremely easy to store in my bag when I sit outside in the sun at lunch. I have been able to extend my wardrobe for at least a month so far, simply by adding a heavier sweater, and it keeps me toasty warm sitting at my desk. Here are some great options:

The first one is from PacSun and the second from Urban Outfitters:


It is finally acceptable to break out your scarves again, and no I don’t mean those thin little fashion scarves. I mean the cute, thick ones that are going to do their job when you put them on. Just like the sweater, a scarf is a great layering tool and nice to have when it gets chilly. But so you don’t look crazy when you walk outside and it’s hot, it is easy enough to take off and store away. These are warm and nice enough for the office:

These are from The North Face and Express:


Wearing a scarf works because it keeps the heat close to your body and wearing your hair down will have the same effect. Keeping the draft of the AC off your neck will help keep you more comfortable then if you were to expose everything with your hair up. Keep it classy and try to style your hair a bit so that you still look neat at work. Just because you are styling your hair though doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time or money. Check out these looks that are so easy but will completely make your outfit:


If you are like me and like to wear dresses, but the weather is not cold enough to wear tights yet, then even the chunkiest of sweaters or scarves aren’t going to keep your legs warm. This was the very first thing I brought in with me when I started work, and I am not sure what I would do without it all day long. My advice would be to get a heavier blanket in a neutral color, so that it doesn’t stand out too much. You could even monogram your blanket if you wanted to make it cuter and more personal.

These blankets from Kohl’s will be sure to do the trick:

Hot Tea or Coffee

We know that drinking cold drinks will cool us down, and the same is true for hot beverages. I have a constant supply of green tea at my desk that I can brew up whenever I get chilly. You can also just drink warm water with some honey and lemon if you aren’t interested in drinking tea or coffee all day. Not only will you feel warm inside, but holding the cup will also heat your fingers up if they are a little frozen.

These Vera Bradley coffee accessories will kill two birds with one stone. Hold your warm drink and decorate your desk!

These are the tricks that I have found to help me stay warm at work, but please share below if you have any other tips. I am always looking for some more suggestions.