The Ultimate Secret to Throwing a Successful Summer Party

Jun 13, 2018Reading Time: 5 min

Hosting an epic summer party begins with a great invite! Don’t send out a text but send a real electronic invitation is a great way to set the tone for how exciting the party will be while saving money on stationery and postage and saving the paper! This will be the first taste that your guests have for what to expect from the most epic summer party!

party decor

Embrace The Theme to the Fullest

There is no such thing as going all out when throwing an epic party. Once you decide on a theme or décor pattern, go all out! This means, table décor, decorating chairs, lights, tableware and dishes, chairs, trinkets, favors, and more. Of course, a party can be great without all the extra decorations but these will take it to the next level! Not every decoration has to be exactly the same, but you can do shades of the same color or complementing colors. For example, if you’re throwing a pineapple party, decorating with green and yellow, in addition to pineapples and tropical fruits, would be okay as well.

Don’t have the budget to buy all new décor? Make your own! Take plain glasses and dishes and decorate them with paint to match your color scheme. Get fancy with some glitter on stemware or use craft paint to design and decorate the outside so the party supplies become a decoration on their own!

food on table

Have A Variety of Food Offerings

There is no great party without food! However, no one wants to serve the typical party food all of the time. Of course, you can offer it, as some guests may want pizza or wings but have other things as well. Great party food will go along with the theme, such as fruits or fruity drinks, or pineapple pizza or kebobs for a pineapple party or perhaps grilled meats and veggies for a “Great Grilling” party or even smoked meats, s’mores, or anything roasted for something based around a campfire!

When feeding large groups you want to stay affordable and delicious while offering unique bites. Order online and have food delivered in bulk online from Olive Garden, Papa Johns or Applebee’s or even order the groceries to cook up your own food with Peapod or Safeway online!


Have Some Unusual Activities

Party games can make an event even more exciting. Every party has lulls but it’s easy to keep the momentum going when you have back up plans. Make time for guests to mingle, eat, drink, and enjoy music. However, having games can be a great idea as well to get everyone involved. Games such as taboo, Mad Gab, dominoes and other team games can be great for everyone to play! Aside from those you can have twister, for those who are physically inclined and comfortable enough to play. For games with less thinking or physical skill, you can include board games such as Sorry and other easy games that you can find at a great price using Target coupons to save money on entertainment. This way there is something for everyone to play. You can also have activities based on the theme, which will set your party apart, such as fruit carving, sand art, stone throwing competition or lantern decorating that you can shop for online with ease at a Hobby Lobby or other specialty store and save money on this unique style of fun and activity. Whichever route you decide on, make sure that guests of both sexes would enjoy it, if they are going to be at the party.

photo booth

Picture Perfect Ideas

Pictures are always a great way to capture moments, but you don’t want guests to have to whip out their phones all of the time. Have some great disposable cameras on hand for guests to pick up whenever they see a great candid picture moment or want to take a picture. Have them placed all over so that guests can just pick them up wherever they are. After the party develop the pictures at Walgreens to save money and share with the guests, maybe in the form of party posters from Shutterfly! You can also have a photo contest, such as, whoever can capture people doing certain things on a checklist first wins a prize. Perhaps even a costume or costumed character to be part of the photos is an idea worth checking into as well, and with coupons for Fun you can save on this epic addition to your shindig!

Utilizing these tips will help to pull off a fun, unusual, and satisfying epic summer party! With twists and fun times that the guest will not expect, you have unlocked the key to what makes your party different from all the rest!