The Skinny on Student Discounts: How to Score an 'A' in Savings

The Skinny on Student Discounts: How to Score an 'A' in Savings

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJan 02, 20143 min read

Listen up students or recent grads—this one is for you. If you’re a student—high school or college—or a recent graduate, you might want to hang on to those student IDs for a tad longer. I’m sure you can pull off looking like that photo on your ID for a while, or at least until it expires.

On a college campus you’re always made aware of the special student discounts offered through the school. I’m also sure you know of a few places where you can flash your student ID, like at a movie theater. Did you know there are hundreds of other places that offer pretty awesome student discounts?

Many unexpected places offer student discounts, and the first (and most important) tip I have is to ask wherever you go. I started doing this a lot and was always pleasantly surprised at being able to save money by just flashing by college ID. This made exploring new cities much more worthwhile. Student discounts are given at many retailers, dining joints, entertainment spots and various financial institutions, so make sure to have that ID on you at all times.


While getting a degree has its perks, getting awesome products for less does too. Kate Spade, Juicy Couture and Banana Republic feature a 15 percent off discount for students. Charlotte Russe benefits students with a 10 percent discount at checkout. TOMS Shoes, as well, gives students free shipping for their purchase and will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need for every shoe transaction.

Apple Store, along with many other stores specializing in electronics, offer students discounts on computers, tablets, and other school-necessary devices. For example, Apple currently shaves $200 off a new Mac. But new computers require up-to-date software, and Adobe has a special student edition package that provides students Adobe tools at discounted rates. Norton, in addition, offers up to 50 percent off their antivirus software.


Yes, students, there’s no need to incessantly pour Ramen in your gullets anymore. Many fast food and dining establishments offer great discounts to students. Chipotle and Chick-fil-A, for example, offer free drinks with a valid student ID, and Subway gives students 10 percent off. As always, check to see if your favorite local restaurant offers student discounts, so that you can add some variety to the dull college-kid-on-a-budget meal.


Take a break from studying, kid, because students get some great discounts on entertainment. Theaters like Regal Group and AMC offer discounted rates for students. Take a trip to any Madame Tussaudes and get 15 percent off your admissions price. Sporting events also cater to students. My favorite was college nights at the ball park.

Museums, aquariums, and some amusement parks all offer tickets and admission at a low price. Make sure to always check you school box office and see the discounts you can get at all sorts of places. You may also find a school event that is cheap or even free. With all the student discounts available, you won’t always have to cut fun out of your budget.

Insurance & Banking

Insurance is no doubt expensive, but there are companies like State Farm which help kids on a budget. Students get up to 25 percent off with proof of good grades. Banks, such as U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo and Bank of America, are also inclined to bring students special services.

In conclusion, it doesn’t hurt to ask. You could discover places that offer student discounts that no one else knows about. If you’ve found an unlikely store, restaurant or entertainment source that indulges the young academic with discounts, let us know below.