About City Sightseeing Coupons and Deals is an international open-top bus brand, leading in exciting city tours for people of all ages. Known for their friendly guides and cheerful red buses, they offer a hop-on, hop-off experience for travelers. City Sightseeing is available in almost 100 locations worldwide, giving tourists a comprehensive way to discover interesting attractions and the vibe of the city they’re visiting. Get onboard with this well-traveled company, then ride off into the sunset knowing you saved with our promo codes, too!

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Created in Seville, Spain in 1999, City Sightseeing debuted its first four tours the following year in conjunction with UK-operated Ensign Bus. They soon discovered the increasing interest of offering tours in other popular cities across the map. With their recognizable, signature red and yellow double-deck buses, City Sightseeing grew their brand into a global touring resource.

Part of their popularity is the trusted reputation they’ve earned as a bus tour company with high standards of customer care. This vibrantly spot-on travel service enhances any dream trip with their welcoming and knowledgeable guides, fascinating routes taken through each city, and convenient pickups and drop-offs. Their hop-on, hop-off system allows for passengers to see historical sites while exiting at scheduled stops to visit museums, restaurants, and other local landmarks. The comfy open-air buses will add some relaxation to your journey, giving you time to sit back and enjoy the scenery. Plus, you’ll hear entertaining commentary from the tour guides, appropriate for all age groups. Select tours even have an exclusive Kid Commentary for the little ones. City Sightseeing also provides an easy and accessible online booking system so that you can focus on seeing the world. Packages can range from 24-48-hour unlimited access for rides, with some cities offering boat tours. Depending on your tour type and excursion city, price ranges will vary. But the fun? That’s consistent wherever you roam! However, we can help with getting the best price! Go to and see what discounts you can find. Then, book that ticket to someplace energizing and new!