Summer Sale: Stay Safe and Save During National Water Safety Month

Summer Sale: Stay Safe and Save During National Water Safety Month

Rhonda Dehaini

Rhonda DehainiMay 16, 20173 min read

The scorching summer season has arrived, bringing with it the inescapable urge to dive into the crystal clear waters of your backyard pool. Whether you’re a lounger, diver, splasher, cannon-ball expert, or switch it up every day, pools are where memories are made. In the Swim wants you to revel in the relaxation of your private oasis – without worrying about the safety of your smaller swimmers. While there is no replacement for keeping a close eye on pets and children, In the Swim has a couple of perfect additions that will make life infinitely easier and safer. Constant concern is the fastest way to put a damper on perfect pool weather, but some simple prep will give you peace of mind.

In the Swim isn’t your average poolside products company. They make fairly priced products you can trust, so there’s no compromising on safety for the sake of savings. And in honor of National Water Safety Month, In the Swim is offering even more amazing discounts so you can ring in those safe summer swim days at a bargain.

Poolside Sanctuary

Turn your backyard into a safe place for children and pets to play all summer long with a simple Safety Fence. Unlike many alternatives, In the Swim offers a secure and stable fence that won’t ruin the aesthetic of your backyard. The fence is also a bargain compared to other pricey options and, more importantly, the quality and stability of this fence is competitive.

Installation is easy, and the fence will help ensure you have a summer filled with fond memories. Don’t let the “what ifs” ruin your fun, dive into pool season prepared.


Step Up to Summer Swims

Not all above ground pool ladders are created equal. Anyone who has experienced (or witnessed) unfortunate slips, trips, or ladder malfunctions knows how quickly they can ruin your summer fun. The Roll Guard A-Frame Safety Ladder makes life simple with unique features that offer a convenient, streamlined experience so you can start swim season off on sturdy footing.

This ladder is easy to install – just add water! Once the assembled ladder is where you want it, just fill the side rails with water to weight it down. It also has a roll-down barrier which is a pretty fantastic feature for a number of reasons. When the ladder is not in use, the barrier can be slid down in front to prevent unwanted pool access. When it’s time to use the pool, the barrier serves as yet another safety feature, as it rolls onto the other side to prevent access behind the ladder rungs in the pool. This prevents any dangerous entrapment scenarios.

roll-guard-a-frame-safety-ladderSwimming Safe – Tips

  • Use pool covers when you’re not in the water. Not only do these help maintain your crystal clear waters, but they also help prevent mishaps. In the Swim has great deals on covers for any pool.
  • Always supervise pets and children – never leave your youngest swimmers unattended.
  • Summer is a great time to encourage budding swimmers! Swim lessons at home or in a class can be a fun summer activity.
  • Stay away from drains! Young children might be intrigued by the drain suction, so it’s best to teach them not to play with or around them.
  • If pool toys start building up, they can become tripping hazards. Have a bin or storage area near the pool for ease of access.

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In the Swim has countless offers in honor of National Water Safety month. Snap up this coupon and get ready for pool paradise by taking advantage of their array of bargain-priced quality pool opening products. With start-up kits, chemicals, pool cleaning supplies, pool parts, and toys In the Swim has you covered. Browse their summer sale for everything from pool noodles to fresh filters!