Prep Your Pool & Keep It Safe Year-Round

Prep Your Pool & Keep It Safe Year-Round

Mollie Wiard

Mollie WiardApr 17, 20173 min read

I remember how excited I was to go to the community pool as a child. From Marco Polo to water polo, the games were endless. And boy, did I sleep well at night. 

My love for water didn’t pass with childhood; I still delight in that weightless, free feeling. My husband, friends and family also share in the joy of the pool and the many activities that come along with it. Each year when the pool cover comes off it’s only a matter of time before the whole family and our neighborhood friends join us for poolside cookouts and belly flop contests.

With all the fun that’s had, it’s easy to overlook the work and maintenance that goes into it. Prepping the pool for the season is always work, but worth it! The season-long maintenance can also be time consuming, but with the right cleaning tools and mix of chemicals it’s much easier.

For those of you also getting ready to open your pool, I’m excited to offer the following tips, and some great ways to save with In the Swim.

Get Started with the Right Pool Chemicals

Once you go through the process of cleaning and removing the pool cover, as well as any of the debris from the water (or the draining the water entirely, if needed) you’ll need to clean and treat the pool. A key step here is to make sure you have the right balance of chemicals to get that crystal clear water. To achieve this you’ll want to start with products that offer a chlorine-based shock, which is the most powerful type of shock to eradicate bacteria and other microorganisms accumulated over the winter. This is easy to do with the pool start-up kits from In the Swim. There are two types:


At In the Swim you can also find the tools and chemicals needed to keep the pool clean and clear all summer. When you add them to your cart, raise the bar on the fun this year by adding some new toys and floats at discounted prices. 


Protect Your Pool and Little Ones with a Pool Cover

From solar blankets to safety covers, there are many uses for a pool cover. Covers help retain heat, reduce maintenance, save water, improve safety and much more.

If there are little ones in your family, you’ll want to take a look at the pool safety covers by In the Swim. Pool safety covers are constructed to hold more weight than an ordinary pool cover and will keep a child or animal from falling into a covered pool. Like all pool covers, a safety cover will also protect the pool from leaves and other debris, making it easier to clean your pool after covering it - whether nightly during the summer months or at the end of the season.

In the Swim offers safety covers in all shapes and sizes for as low as $121.24. Extra bonus: when you buy a safety cover you will also get a free winterizing kit and a $100 instant rebate! Take a look at the options here. is pleased to partner with In the Swim to offer coupons for up to 60% off and free shipping. With the right pool chemicals and cover, you’ll be a giant leap closer to opening your pool for the season and keeping it clean and protected year round.