Stores That Price Match Online

May 21, 2014Reading Time: 4 min

There are more than a few ways to save money in today’s economy—whether it’s sorting out the weekly newspaper for coupons or doing your very own research before you make a purchase. Another way to save can be done through price-matching. Stores have to compete with other stores to make a profit. This idea of competitive business is a reason why stores will lower their costs to not only sway customers to purchase their items there instead, but also invest that customers will come back to them in the future. Several companies have even gone as far as competing with online stores including Amazon. There are though several limitations and policies to look out for when you challenge a price. Here is a list of stores that price match online:

Stores That Price Match Online

For Every Day Essentials: Target Coupons

Target for years has grown into one of the most favored places to shop for every day needs. The reason behind all that, besides offering great deals and a five percent off Red Card, is that they were the first to price match the online mogul The highlight of their policy is that you can bring in a competitor’s printed ad as well as one on your mobile phone (most stores want a physical example). Although they will price match at Target, they will not match prices from other Target stores in the area. Just remember that there is only a seven-day window if you choose to get your price adjusted.

For Clothing:  JCPenney Coupons

Considering that they don’t price match their own website, the thing that makes J.C. Penney stand out is that there is no price-match window as long as the competitor’s ad is still valid. The price-matching is only available for physical retailers, and a lot of the discretion is given to the managers and may vary depending on which location you visit.

For Tools:  Lowe’s Coupons

Lowe’s sneaks in front of its rival, Home Depot, for the top tool spot because of the wide price-match window of 30 days. Home Depot specifies that it’s under the mangers’ discretion for how wide of a time you can get a price-match, which may cause issues. However, both offer this amazing policy that gives you the competitor’s price and throw on top of that an extra 10 percent off that if their price isn’t cheaper.

For Gadgets: Best Buy Coupons

Shortly after Target announced they would challenge the prices of Amazon, Best Buy chose to follow their footsteps. The big element that holds Best Buy down in terms of policy is that they will not pay the difference after the purchase is made. The only reason Best Buy will allow you to get the price adjustment after the purchase is if they are the ones lowering the price only if it’s within 15 days.

The Not-So-Greats

Walmart Coupons

Walmart boasts more about price-matching than any other store. They even advertised once saying that they will lower prices even without a physical ad as proof. As far as some reviewers have said, the policy is very inconsistent from store to store and four out of five Walmarts said that a physical ad is needed. Relatively low in comparison, the store only offers a seven-day window to price match.

Sears Coupons

Sears offers a more generous window of 14 days to match a price. However, the low point of the policy is that they offer online price matching on their website only after shipping and handling have been calculated into the price.

Kohl’s Coupons

Kohl’s will match the prices of nearby stores, but nothing online.