Stay On Point With The Biggest Fashion Trends For Fall 2017

Oct 19, 2017Reading Time: 5 min

The fall season is now in full swing, which means it’s time to update your wardrobe to make sure you’re on trend this season! Check out these major trends that are taking the fashion world by storm this autumn and find inspiration for how to spice up your everyday style.

The Statement Bootie

Booties are having a major moment in fashion. They add that extra ‘oomph’ to your outfit that will set your apart from the crowd. Plus, they’re a nice upgrade on the classic riding boot that everyone wears come fall.

Right now you can find booties in literally every colour or pattern. Embroidered and patent leather booties are currently trending, and so are ones with pointed toes and block heels. If that’s a bit too much out of your comfort zone, opt for a bootie in a classic brown or black colour. You’ll still remains stylish without feeling too fashion forward!

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Red Hot

Red is totally the colour of Fall 2017. During fashion week, the runways were filled with bright and dark shades of this power colour. Invest in a bold red dress or statement shoes if you really want to work this colour. Or, if that’s a bit out of your comfort zone, introduce red into your wardrobe through your accessories, like a trendy bag or statement necklace. The options are endless!

Get Edgy With Fishnets

Did you ever think fishnets would be in style? These see-through tights could be seen everywhere during Fashion Week. While they can seem a bit tricky to style, it’s as easy as pairing them with a simple skirt or dress. It will instantly add a fashion-forward flare to your look with a bit of edginess.

If you’re feeling bold, try rocking fishnets under distressed jeans. This pairing is all the rage at the moment (just take a glimpse at Instagram!).

Shine Bright With Metallics

Let your bold personality shine through your look by rocking something in metallic. Whether you go for gold or silver, stores are coming out with everything from dresses to bomber jackets to shoes in striking metallic finishes.

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Have Fun With Fur

Fur can be intimidating to style, but it’s one of the hottest trends this season. If you want to go bold with this trend, try rocking a fluffy fur coat that will make sure all eyes are on you. You can find fur jackets in all sorts of colours at the moment, from black to brown to baby pink. You can also incorporate this trend in your look through fur accents, like on vests, jackets, or even hats.

Feminine Florals

Think florals are only okay for the spring and summer? Think again! Florals are still trending well into this fall season. To make this trend more fall-appropriate, look for florals in darker colours rather than pastels.

Layer jackets or cardigans over floral tops to make your summer clothes last into the cooler months. Try pairing a flowery sundress with dark tights and booties to make it feel ready for the cooler weather. Or, go bold and opt for a cardigan or even shoes with a fun, floral print.

Put A Hat On It

It seems like everyone is rocking a hat this fall season- and we’re not talking about baseball caps and beanies! Hats of all sizes and shapes are having a major moment. Update your hat game with a stylish wide brimmed hat or bucket hat. The more oversized, the more on trend you’ll be! 

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