State CupCakes

May 23, 2019Reading Time: 3 min

Imagine, if you will, a soccer mom flying down the highway to the State Cup Tournament. The field is 100 miles away from home, but the morning went without a hitch. Everyone’s alarm went off and everyone is ready with all their equipment on, allegedly. But wait...what if you get halfway to your destination and you realize that your were the one responsible to get the State Cupcakes for the State Cup?

The car comes to a screeching halt. Son removes his headphones, “What’s going on?" He asks nonchalantly. “I’m the state cupcake Mom!”, says Mom. “Mom,chill. Just go on Yelp and find a bakery in the area,” he mutters. And just like that, Mom finds a local bakery, that is open and gets directions to their location activated on Maps! One click to the phone number provided and an early morning rush order for 2 dozens state cupcakes is placed. Done!


Yelp has made life easier for consumers by providing a platform for local businesses to showcase their products in an affordable way. Small businesses are able to highlight what they do and upload pictures of their products and services so consumers can quickly and confidently make a purchase.

According to a study by Nielsen, 4 out of 5 Yelp users stated they use Yelp at the very time they are ready to make a purchase and 93% of those surveyed say they make a local purchase. In today’s mobile society, local has taken on a new meaning. For our beloved soccer Mom, she found a local bakery in the geographical location in which she found herself. The only other way to do that would be to drive around for hours looking for a bakery that is open and has 24 cupcakes ready for pick-up. Not efficient for our Mom who would have to deal with an angry teenager if they were late for the big game. Simply not an option!

Yelp has opened up a really powerful advertising option for small businesses to compete for consumers. All businesses can claim their free Yelp listing. Claiming your page allows business owners to update their info, add photos, respond to reviews etc. Advertising with Yelp allows business owners to be seen 3x more frequently, substantially increasing their reach, which increases visits, calls, and more. This provides serious potential for small businesses to get their share of the market. is offering up to $300 in bonus Yelp Ads for new, eligible businesses, so now is your chance to give advertising a try. Imagine how much more powerful a paid ad would be! You owe it to all the soccer moms driving to tournaments this weekend.