Spring into Fun and Inexpensive Activities This Season

Spring into Fun and Inexpensive Activities This Season

Nicole Brown

Nicole BrownApr 06, 20184 min read

Spring is exciting, and the start of exciting activities. With lots of ideas, cost doesn’t have to be an issue. Depending on what you (and your family) enjoy, there is a way to save while doing it! Check out some great alternatives to typical summer fun!

Flowers in Bloom

If you or someone you know has a green thumb or enjoys the beauty in flowers, the botanical garden may seem like a natural choice. However, you may not want to go to the botanical garden every time you want to see flowers. Creating a garden is a great way to bond and create beauty! Ideas for a garden include a vegetable garden, or flowers or even both depending on how you would like to set it up. Visit a hardware/home improvement store to gather the materials that you may need. This is a project that can start off small and grow as well if you would only like to plant a few things at a time. If you’re not interested in actually planting, there’s still a solution for you. Try creating a garden with pre-planted flowers!

Nice and Nautical

If you are a fan of the marina or boardwalk on the lake and have ships or naval museums to visit, try building small-scale ships and learning about their history. With this idea, you wouldn’t have to continuously visit naval museums, but would still have history at your fingertips. Ordering parts for a true model may be a bit costly but using common crafts to create model ships that float is an entirely inexpensive idea and a great way to learn about engineering as well! Visit a craft store for materials and set those boats afloat in a backyard pond (which you can make from a plastic container!)


There’s nothing like taking the vacation to kick off traveling, however, all great vacations do not have to be expensive or international. Taking a road trip to a destination nearby or even plotting a longer road trip with many destinations can be cheaper than flights, resorts, and passports. Check different sites for deals on hotels or activities so that you can plan something fun!

Stars in your eyes

If the solar system and stars are your thing, you most likely enjoy the planetarium. Instead of visiting the planetarium, try star gazing. Grab some books from the store, local library, or even search internet articles to help you know where to gaze. Set up a tent and some comfy blankets, and look up! If you’re in a colder climate, bring out some heavy blankets or outdoor heating! Either way, don’t miss the chance to see some stars and constellations with your very own eyes!

Obsessed with outdoors

If you’re a fan of the outdoors and all types of outdoor activities, then why not try some tried and true outdoor activities. Yes, amusement parks, and outdoor raceways may be fun, but those aren’t your only options. Try rollerblading for a fun workout or flying a kite for some laid back amusement. If you have kids (and even if you don’t) try jumping rope or having a jump roping tournament. For something out of the ordinary, try hula hooping and maybe creating a hula hooping routine. This is another fun outdoor activity, which can also be a great workout alone and with friends.

Eat out Outside

Visiting new restaurants can be great, but there can also be wait times, and sometimes even pricey surprises. Eating outside is a great way to enjoy a meal out of the ordinary.  Look for nice plate ware and food storage to pack food. Pick a spot that gives you the ambiance and feel that you desire, maybe near a quiet lakefront for relaxation or romance or wooden park benches for a fun feel. It can even be as simple as cooking a new meal, decorating your backyard, and eating out there for a change of scenery!

Spring Activities are everywhere you look! Traditional activities are good when you can find a deal but alternative activities are a pretty great option as well! Look for things that are aligned with your interests and try to find options that will last longer so that you get more for your money!