Spooktacular Ways to Save on Halloween

Spooktacular Ways to Save on Halloween

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamOct 07, 20143 min read

Halloween is almost here and between the costume picking and party planning, who has time to think about Halloween savings? This is a great DIY holiday that brings together families and friends for some scares and sweets. Instead of blowing through your budget, only to be left with stress for Black Friday, check out our spooktacular tricks to Halloween discounts this year.

Creativity Trumps Cost

If going to the store and spending anywhere from $20-$100 on a Halloween costume is out of the question, make your own. Whether or not you are a highly creative person, building your own costume can actually be extremely easy. You can pick anything from your favorite movie character to your favorite decade and build your costume from items that you have around the house or find at your local thrift store. If you aren’t the creative type, check around with other moms or family members. A great way to save on costumes is to swap outfits with another child. As the saying goes, sharing is caring. If you or your child have to where multiple costumes, share with others. No one will know that you didn’t purchase it yourself.

Party Central

Almost as important as the actual costume is the Halloween party that will follow suit. Whether you are hosting an actual monster bash or just having the kiddos and their families over for trick or treating, it is important to look the part. You can find exactly what you are looking for at a variety of our merchants, such as Shindigz coupons and Costume Supercenter coupons. Hosting a scary movie marathon is also a great way to spend the evening! Either you can pick the movie line-up or have everyone bring his/her favorite movie along with a Halloween inspired dish to make the night into a frightful potluck.

Pumpkin 101

We all love carving up our pumpkins to make the scariest jack-o-lantern and then baking the seeds for a yummy fall snack, but they don’t come at a small cost nor do they last long. Instead of being left with a rotting pumpkin before Halloween even arrives, get the most life out of it by preparing it properly. After you have scooped out the seeds and carved your pumpkin, soak it with a bleach/water solution. It will extend the life, so you can display it proudly.

Candy Smarts

Halloween candy is very expensive, so make sure you plan wisely. If you are a snacker, definitely don’t buy something that you like to eat because you will have to keep replacing it. Also price it out before buying. Typically stores like Sam's Club have the best deals and the largest quantity. But check out what sales your local stores are having leading up to the holiday.  Recycle candy that your kids collected earlier in the night too. If they don¹t like it, throw it in your own basket to hand out so it doesn’t go to waste.

Future Thinking

 Although you are probably very much over Halloween on November 1st, this is actually a great time to save! Buy costumes and decorations that go on sale and save them for next year’s celebrations. Pick up decorations because they don’t really go out of style, and think about picking out a basic costume that will still be a good choice for many years to come. We know the holidays can get a little stressful, so check out the Halloween candy that goes on sale in November. You might need a little bite-sized pick-me-up to get your through the madness.