The 20 Best Halloween Costumes for Under $20

The 20 Best Halloween Costumes for Under $20

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamOct 07, 20133 min read

Like many people, cost is the deciding factor determining which Halloween costume I’ll choose. If I can find a relatively cheap one I seriously have to have, I go for it. Granted, I haven’t bought a Halloween costume for the past few years because I’m a DIY master, but nevertheless, I may be changing my ways come this 31st due to the infinitely cool costumes I’ve found for less than $20.

Not all of these costumes are initially below $20. You have to use the codes provided to knock the prices down. So, what are you going to be this year? Something scary? Something funny? Something your father wouldn’t approve of? Before you decide, see if any of these wacky and wonderful costumes rub you the right way:

We have an American reality TV character (or redneck icon), a hippie, that woman from the Brady Bunch, and an extremely attractive fly. These are all available at Spirit Halloween—all under $20—where you can get 20% off with code PROWIN20.


1. Duck Dynasty Si - $24.99

2. Far Out - $24.98

3. Brady Bunch Alice - $14.98

4. Amy Brown Gargoyle Fairy - $14.97

The only thing I love more than the game of Sudoku is having an excuse to stare intently at some girl wearing a Sudoku dress. You have to give Costume Express credit though—that men’s Alice costume comes out a little bit better than the one previously mentioned. Costume Express is making it easy to dress like a candy wrapper by offering 20% off one item with code AFC166COSX. Or, you could go Operation-chic and walk around with a red egg on a stick…

![]( Express.png)

5. Sudoku Game Time Dress - $18.71

6. Laffy Taffy Tune Dress - $13.11

7. Brady Bunch Alice (Men’s) - $20.58

8. Operation Sassy - $23.70

The 80’s are making a comeback. And so is dressing like a French maid (take notes ... ladies). You could always opt to get a men’s luau costume, unless you have a stack of straw in your backyard, in which case you could definitely knit one yourself. (DIY till I DIE). But then again, it’d probably be less expensive to buy one for 10% off at Halloween Express with code TAKE10CJ.

![]( Express0.png)

9. 80s Shirt Costume - $22.49

10. Luau Costume - $21.49

11. Pirate Maiden - $20.99

12. French Maid - $16.49

Costume SuperCenter is offering 10% off purchases of $20 or more with code SAVE10C. Now, this store has some serious choices: You could either scare your party guests with an alien popping out of your chest or go with something truly horrific—the Snooki Monster. I’m not exactly sure what that full-body camouflage suit is, because it doesn’t exactly hide you at a party when you’re feeling shy, but it certainly looks cool...

13. Army Print Full Body Suit - $22.99

14. Zombie Burst Wearable Prop - $19.99

15. Lady Gaga 2009 VMA - $19.99

16. Jersey Shore Snooki - $14.99

Since I included Flo from Progressive I felt compelled to include the Geico Caveman so as to not offend any third parties. I should’ve felt compelled not to offend children or people prone to heart problems, but I had to include Borat’s famous mankini. These can be found at, where you can get free shipping on orders over $60 with code SHIPOVER60.

17. Progressive Insurance Costume - $14.99

18. Wild Caveman Costume - $15.99

19. Borat Mankini

20. Flower Power

There you have it. You could easily obtain a Halloween costume for less than $20 without having to buy a sheet from Kohl’s and call it a day. Enjoy these Halloween costumes for under $20.