Shop Semi-Annual Sales & Decorate Affordably

Shop Semi-Annual Sales & Decorate Affordably

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJun 20, 20144 min read

Summer is the ideal time to refresh our home interiors before fall distracts us with coat shopping and winter forces us to hibernate. Financially, it is also the best time of the year since lots of stores are hosting their semi-annual sales to liquidate their inventories. Everyone who wants to shed away that antiquated look or will be moving into a new apartment should buy their furniture and decors now. Before driving to the closest mall though, hit the online retailers that are now having their semi-annual sales topped with sweet promotions.

Semi-Annual Sales


Hosting dinners does not only require great meals, but fancy dinnerware and drinkware that show sophistication to your guests. Beat the crazy skyrocketing prices for kitchen and dining accessories with Pfaltzgraff. Let your gourmet meals shine on a gold tablecloth or serve fruit punch in a pedestal-style beverage dispenser during summer rooftop parties. Redeem the exclusive 30% off Pfaltzgraff coupon in one item to gun down the expenditure even further. With their impressive selection of brands like Casa Moda and Cuisinart, dinners will become a deluxe affair.


To win the tabletop fashion in your circle of friends, add some accents to your home with Mikasa. Replace that mundane bowl sitting on the table with a translucent ruby oval one and enjoy 10% to 79% off on best selling dinnerware. Are your utensils a conglomeration of what your previous roommates left behind? It’s nice to have remembrances…in photographic forms, but you’re not in college anymore. Ditch those mismatching flatware and get flattering sets that shines your style. Also take an exclusive Mikasa 30% off coupon on one item from your entire order.


When purchasing embellishments to your space, Kohl’s believes that it shouldn’t only be pleasing for the view, but for other senses as well. That’s why Kohl’s has recently introduced its Sonoma Farmers Market Collection – a line of candles that boost the color and scent around the shelves or tables. Browse through their “For Home” section and you’ll find an endless list of products including sculptures and vintage picture frames with massively marked down values. For those who cannot quench their cheap-thirst, take an additional 15% off Kohl's coupon on household essentials


Be a biodegradable dweller by going green with the help of bambeco – an eco-friendly platform of home and garden accessories that are composed of all-natural, organic materials. Buy a recycled glass lantern or an antique tin mirror that will showcase your sense of fad as well as care for planet. Sustainability does not have to correlate with limitations when it comes to beautifying households. Be a smart earth enthusiast by taking 15% off bambeco coupon and checking out their 10% - 30% off eco-friendly home décor.

Lillian Vernon

For those of us who love to add a personal touch into our residence, Lillian Vernon provides free personalization services for various home decors. Do not limit your footprint with photographs on the wall, but add your family name in vinyl lettering or in canvas print. Greet people with door mats that bear your last name and entertain them with decorative pillows in the couch. Receive 20% off on your purchase and check out their exclusive Fourth of July rosebuds and flags!


We all know of Macy’s reputation to offer great deals and clearance on products – that’s why, it’s a must-spot to navigate when looking for affordable ways to revamp your furniture. Go to the Home Décor section and you’ll find their list of best sellers with discounts already applied to them. Ever wanted to illuminate your living room or personal library with those classy candle holders? Well, it happens to be on their best sellers’ list! Are you a figurine collector? Macy’s has a vast range of brands that have finely polished figurine dolls from large names such as Swarovski and Baccarat. For Macys’s savvys out there, redeem the $20 off Macy's coupon.


Aside from its affordability, JCPenney is an emporium of traditional and funky items that people of every character can come together to shop. Whether you want a modest mirror or an outlandish one on the wall, you’ll find it for a much lower price in here than your local furniture store. Don’t miss their sales on selected home décor pieces and take an extra 15% off JCPenney coupon on your entire order!