Shop Electronics on Cyber Monday

Shop Electronics on Cyber Monday

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamDec 01, 20143 min read

Happy Cyber Monday everyone! The nation’s most popular new retail holiday is upon us again, and it is time to shop all things tech. Whether you are a Mac or a PC (I know, but there are still some of them left out there…), now is your chance to check off some of the most expensive items on this year’s Christmas list and save.

Cyber Monday is one of the very rare occasions where Apple will actually discount products! Whether you have been a Mac user since Justin Long and John Hodgman or you are new to the world of Apple, you know how unusual it is for them to actually offer discounts on their iPhones and iPads. Best Buy is always one of the first places you should check for deals on Apple products. The national electronics retailer is unique in the fact that is carries products for both Apple and Windows users, and even more noteworthy is the fact they will offer direct discounts on the price of their Apple products. In addition to the price reduction, Apple often has rebates for activating multiple devices at least he same time or pairing complimentary hardware, such as laptops and printers, so be sure you don’t miss out. Personally, I plan on treating myself to a wireless printer that can pair with my iPad to continue my conversion to a world without wires.

Although each retailer will have their own specific sale item, many promotions are common across the board. One of the major benefits of shopping on Cyber Monday is that almost all retailers offer free shipping. Many retailers also offer additional incentives for buying multiple of an item or buying complimentary items together. These incentives range from additional percentages off to free gift cards with purchase.

Another opportunity for saving on Cyber Monday is to take advantage of promotional offerings on items. If your son or daughter (you don’t have to admit it is for yourself) has the latest game console on their list, Cyber Monday is the time to get it. Manufacturers like Microsoft and Sony put together exclusive bundles for different retailers. These bundles often include the game console itself, its standard accessories, as well as the most recent installment of a few popular games for the platform. While most retailers are being especially tight lipped about the deals they will be offering on Cyber Monday, Walmart has released a preview of their ad that features a Playstation 4 bundle for $449 that includes LEGO Batman, Little Big Planet 3, an additional game and an extra controller. Purchasing the game system in this bundle will save you almost $200!

A good thing to keep in mind on Cyber Monday is that retailers are anxious to get rid of technology for which the next generation is already out, or is about to be released. While it is also the prime time to snag up the latest and greatest in electronics for a great price, you may be shocked at how low retailers are willing to go to make room for the new models of laptops, tablets, or phones. If you are shopping for a loved one, then definitely go with the newest model. However, if you have a little extra cash burning a hole in your pocket and are just looking to splurge a little on yourself, consider buying last generation products. Then, use the money you saved to get some cool accessories.

With the savings tips, coupons and promo codes from us here at and a little savvy shopping you are set to score the best deals on all of the latest laptops, tablets, e-readers, pads, and pods without getting out of your pajamas.