Setting the Mood on Valentine's Day

Setting the Mood on Valentine's Day

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamFeb 04, 20153 min read

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you are hoping Cupid’s arrow will find you this February 14th or you and your sweetheart are Valentine’s Day veterans, one thing is for sure: no one should spend the evening alone. The other thing that I personally believe is that avoiding a broken heart shouldn’t mean breaking the bank. Here are some suggestions for celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget, regardless of your situation.

Work and Play

If you have to work on Valentines Day, why not bring a little love into the office? Put up some heart shaped decorations around the break room and bring in a tray of pink and red cupcakes and some milk or juice for after lunch. Before you know it, you will have lunchtime mixer going on! There are tons of cheap and crafty decorations for people of all skill level on sites like etsy, which are great because they can often be made using office supplies. If crafting is not your strong suit, no worries. Decorate the whole room with this Valentine’s Day Room Decorating Kit on sale for just $7.49, or literally make sure there is love in the air with this Valentine’s Day hanging Decoration Kit. Even if this is a last second thought, Shindigz has got you covered with their ‘Order today, ship tomorrow’ program. Just be sure to keep the decorations (and beverages) appropriate for work.

Romantic Night In

Whether you and your loved one are saving up for an important purchase or you just want to enjoy your privacy, there are many advantages to spending your Valentines at home. Instead of going to an expensive restaurant, have a home cooked meal, bring out the nice glasses and splurge on a nice bottle of champagne. Of course, candles are an essential part of any sensual dinner. Tea lights are inexpensive and great for setting the mood.

Flowers are another standard for a romantic night it, which is all the more reason to find something more creative. Instead of flowers, why not get your lover a box of cookies? In addition to being utterly delicious, the Valentine Hearts and Flowers Gift Box at Cheryl’s is being offered at a fantastic price for the Holiday!

Single’s Party

If the approach of February 14th is only stressing out your single self, you are missing a major opportunity. You are surely not the only one without a date this V Day, so instead of getting down, why not host a single’s party? A single’s party is perfect for a host on a budget. Just have everyone bring an appetizer or a bottle of alcohol (a single’s party must) Remind guests to keep the food light and snack sized, since the point of the party is to meet, not eat. Remember that as important as what they do bring is what they don’t bring: strictly no dates allowed.

As the host, it is your job to set the atmosphere. To save yourself time and clean up, a good idea is to use paper plates. This Sweet Sayings Ultimate Party Pack from Shindigz is on sale right now, and has everything you’ll need. Finally, You will need something to set your party apart.

Regardless of your relationship status, how much you enjoy your Valentine’s Day is up to you. Whether you are getting drinks with coworkers, romancing a new flame, or have had the same sweetheart for years, don’t miss your chance at a love connection this Valentine’s.