Holly Jolly Office Decorating

Holly Jolly Office Decorating

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamDec 17, 20142 min read

When it comes to holiday spirit, a little can go a long way. This is especially true in an environment like at your workplace. Whether you share a cubicle or you work in an office where everyone rides Segways, a little effort to add some cheer is usually much appreciated. (Granted, the latter sounds like a pretty upbeat place already…) Here are some tips for decorating your office on a budget.


When it comes to decorating the office on a budget, the key is to get creative with materials you have laying around. And don’t underestimate the power of paper. There are some truly remarkable things you can make using office supplies, like this super simple wreath made of out post-it notes. Pinterest has instructions and printables for tons of incredible holiday decorations you can make yourself to add some frugal festiveness.

Even if you aren’t the crafty type, the key is to be creative. For instance, instead of getting a big Christmas tree that will take a bunch of space and be dropping pine needles everywhere, get a few mini trees like these ones on sale at Target.

Also, keep in mind to try to present a diverse mix of traditions when you are decorating the workplace. Ask coworkers how they celebrate their holiday, and invite their input in the décor.  

**Recycle **

If you are going to buy decorations, you can save a lot of money in the long run by being smart about how you store them. Because the decoration will only be used once a year, they are not going to wear out anytime soon. Store them somewhere dry and out of the way. Most importantly, be organized when you are packing the decorations up so that nothing gets broken when you are moving them or when you go to pull them out next year. Make sure there is padding around ornaments or anything fragile, and store the lights so that they won’t tangle when you are pulling them out. This little bit of foresight in January will make a world of difference when it comes to decorating the following December.

Give Back

If you are feeling really ambitious, why not organize a company sponsored charity event. Inviting coworkers to participate in a charity even such as a canned food drive is a great way for the whole office to celebrate the spirit of giving, as well as strengthen the dynamic of the office as a whole.