Self Improvement Month: Simple Life Improvements At A Sensible Price

Nov 07, 2018Reading Time: 5 min

September is Self–Improvement Month! What a better time to start habits that can change your life for years to come! While the self-improvement journey can sometimes be costly, there are simpler, unusual, and more cost-effective ways to implement self-improvement techniques.

Assess Your Life Path

One way to improve yourself is to assess your career? Are you happy with what you are doing or would you like to make a career change? Stress from job unhappiness can affect your attitude and daily life quite negatively, so this is an important area to make improvements. Changing careers can be daunting, but there are a number of organizations and sites that are willing to help job seekers and career changer find a new calling. With these online spaces, you don’t have to visit an agency but can search from home! You can also find services if you need to improve your resume and cover letter and are actively searching, or for an increased chance of landing that dream job. Maybe you love your current career, but you know that improving your skills can be very beneficial. Sometimes taking classes can also increase chances of a promotion or simply make your current job easier and you more valuable to the company. Since time and prices can be a major deterrent in seeking further education, you can benefit by taking online classes or even obtaining an online degree. Not only can this be financially beneficial but it can also simply be great if you are looking to just learn about something new or want to become proficient in a new area.

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Check In On Your Health

Between working, post-work activities, social activities, and family, many people are not as vigilant when it comes to checking their health. Even if you are on top of it, there are many problems that can be overlooked, or that you may have no knowledge of. Even very healthy people can benefit from charting their own health history! This can help notify you of potential diseases, changes in body functioning and much more! It can also help those who realize that they may be a little unhealthy. Changing to healthy habits doesn’t have to be too hard either. Maintaining a workout regimen and shedding unhealthy weight can be achieved through proper eating and commitment. Healthy food subscription boxes make eating on the run, snacking, and prepping food a breeze because they cut down on time, are cost-effective, and stress-free! Additionally proper supplements can help increase bodily health, ward off ailments, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With a healthier body, you are more prepared and energized to face the busyness of life.

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Change Everyday Habits

Sometimes, what we need to find our life improving is a change in attitude or addressing our emotional health. Visiting a professional to simply talk and help us find strategies for change can be beneficial. While traditional therapy may be expensive and time consuming once you factor in driving time and cost, online therapy can provide wonderful benefits from the comfort of your own private space. Addressing emotional health is important because, emotions affect our body and of course how we interact with others.

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Finally Financially Fit

One last area of self-improvement is in finances. Having great financial health is important because it can affect one’s ability to secure loans, mortgages, and get credit. It can also determine what types and how much you are able to get when you apply for loans or credit. Having poor finances can also affect buying a house, car, and even going back to school. While settling a debt and paying off loans can take a long time, there are agencies that can help. Aside from these resources, there are also applications and websites that help keep you on top of finances and manage credit for free, which can be a great help if you are on a budget or short on cash. More importantly, it’s a great idea to think ahead for retirement. While a financial planner is one way to go, you can also utilize online resources to understand what is happening with your own money.

Starting with these small changes can be an easy way to begin a self-improvement journey that is not limiting your budget and time. Using non-traditional or online resources can work just as well as traditional methods, and make the journey more enjoyable as well. While people often think of specific things when they think of self-improvement, all of these ideas will help lead to a better life and a better you!