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IN 2013, RXBAR saw a need for proteins bars, real, nutritious, and delicious protein bars. No. B.S., 3 egg whites, 2 dates, and 6 almonds, that’s how RXBAR describes their bars. This no frills company just wants to provide a good protein bar. Period. Offering a multitude of protein bars, kids bars, and and RX Nut Butter, consumers can choose what they want from a large variety of flavors like chocolate sea salt, mango pineapple, or coffee chocolate, and many many more. Their standard is perfect, anything less won’t make it to customers hands. They once went through 250 formulations of the Coconut Chocolate bar before they were happy with it. That’s the kind of standard you can expect and love. Use RXBar discount codes today and save on your next order at

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RXBAR Review: Snack on savings with delicious RXBar

Founded in 2013, RXBar was created to give individuals access to a nutritious protein bar that will up their energy without the usual added sugar. This company began when two best friends came together and decided to create a nutritious protein bar “with no B.S.” as they like to describe it.

These protein bars quickly developed a cult following and has been labeled as the perfect pre- or post-workout snack. You can’t miss the bold packaging that proudly claims that RXBars contains the nutritional value of three egg whites, two dates, and six almonds. Additionally, these bars are tailor-made for those who have paleo or gluten-free dietary restrictions. RXBars strive to provide users with a clean alternative that they can always count on to be filling and nutritionally balanced.

This brands also released the RXBar Kids line which contains the same core ingredients as all RXBars, but in kid-friendly portions. The Kids Variety Pack doesn’t contain any added sugar, dairy, soy, or gluten. Every bar is a clean and convenient snack that the little ones are sure to love and, more importantly, it’s good for them!

RXBar recently combined its goodness with the benefits and deals of Here you’ll find all the RXBar promo codes, coupons, and discounts for your favorite healthy snacks.

Whether you have a sweet tooth, really like fruit, or want an protein bar that reminds you of ice cream, RXBAR offers a healthy, delicious selection for you to choose from. From peanut butter & berries to mango pineapple, to mint chocolate, to pumpkin spice, to maple sea salt, to apple cinnamon, you will definitely find your favorite. RXBAR also sells a selection of kids bars like chocolate chip and berry blast; and a selection of nut butters like vanilla almond butter or honey cinnamon peanut butter to name just a few of the many.

RXBAR is the most outright transparent company that you’ll come across in any given day. They put their ingredients on the packaging of each bar no matter which one you eat. The best part about RXBAR is not even their individual bars, it’s the fact that you can buy them in variety packs so you can enjoy multiple favorite. You can find RXBARs in Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Starbucks, and more stores. Or, you can order it online and get free shipping for all order $30+ and save even more when you use promo codes.

The Ultimate Protein Bar Guide: Which Bars are Worth the Price?

The Ultimate Protein Bar Guide: Which Bars are Worth the Price?

The average price of nutrition bars in the United States has doubled in the last decade with the average price being $2.88 per bar. When you go to purchase a month’s worth of protein bars, the costs can add up quickly.