Say Hello to After-Christmas Sales

Dec 25, 2013Reading Time: 3 min

Although you may be retailed out, it’s useful to know that post-Christmas sales often rival Black Friday sales. A natural response to the retirement of annual holidays and seasons in general, some products drop in demand, ushering stores into a markdown frenzy. Retailers will be unloading items that didn’t sell, attempting to resuscitate the desire to buy. What does this mean for you? Discounts of 75 percent or more, my friend. Let’s take a look at the greatest things to buy after the yuletide.  

HDTVs and Electronics

Televisions and electronics including high-quality SLR cameras from Nikon and Canon will be deeply discounted mid-January. The largest electronics trade show, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, takes place January 7 – 10. Afterwards, last year’s models will go on sale to make room for the new models arriving to showrooms at your local Best Buy, Newegg and Tiger Direct. Likewise, the same deals will be featured online.

Fitness Products

The most popular New Year’s resolution is to hop on that treadmill. Unlike the common logic of after-Christmas sales, this is not due to a peak selling season drop-off, but because the season is just getting started. From medicine balls to treadmills to yoga mats, retailers will be targeting those with exercise at the top of their lists, dropping the prices to compete with others in their industry.

Winter Apparel

Each year retailers turn over their merchandise in January and July to adapt to seasonal changes. Many stores’ mission is to clear out winter clothes for the influx of spring attire, dishing out incredibly low prices on boots, coats, gloves and scarves that didn’t leap off the shelves in December and November. In 2012, Banana Republic, Gap, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Last Call by Neiman Marcus had some of the best after-Christmas sales—notably taking an extra 25 to 50 percent off apparel already reduced by 75 percent. When the presents are unwrapped and the tree gets thrown in the alleyway, you’ll see these deals happening immediately after Christmas.

Toys and Stocking Stuffers

There’s no point in stuffing your socks full of gifts in the 11 months outside of December, and retailers have duly taken note. As a result, stores leaving excesses of toys, cosmetic sets, gift baskets, and other small gifts will be moving them to the clearance bin. If you have kids you already know the value in this, as likely there will be birthdays, bar mitzvahs and other shindigs to bring gifts to.


Like electronics, furniture is seasonal. New models come out in January resulting in stores attempting to make room for new merchandise. As the new models arrive, last year’s seats, recliners, tables and more will be cleared to the side with a nice little price tag. You can expect discounts up to 30 percent and free shipping.

Christmas Décor

Common sense dictates that Christmas décor will be less in demand with the passing of the holidays. Perhaps the most highly discounted of all, Christmas lights, ornaments and artificial trees will go on sale, giving you the opportunity to save hundreds on items for next December. Check out Walmart, Home Depot and Target for discounts up to 75 percent.