Runners, On Your Mark: Training for the LA Marathon on a Budget

Runners, On Your Mark: Training for the LA Marathon on a Budget

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamDec 18, 20133 min read

In less than three months over 25,000 runners will line up at Dodgers stadium and run 26.2 miles through some of the most iconic spots in Los Angeles to finish at the Santa Monica Pier. I’m shocked, and perhaps horrified, to admit that I will be one of the “runners” (hopefully) completing the LA Marathon this year. I’ve run seven half marathons now and somehow convinced myself I should run a full marathon. Then when registration opened, I found a coupon code for $15 off and thought, “Oh a deal! Now I have to sign up…” and now I’m training for a marathon.

My goal isn’t to win, or even be fast for that matter, I just want to finish, not die and not vomit. Since we bought a house this year, money isn’t exactly abundant, so I needed to make sure that this challenge didn’t also break the bank. So here are some of my tips for training for a marathon, or simply picking up running, without spending too much.

Take it to the streets. Instead of paying a monthly gym membership fee to run on a treadmill, get some fresh air and Vitamin D and run outside for free. If it’s still a little chilly in your part of town, you can find deals from major retailers like 30 percent off from Reebok and free shipping on long sleeves, running pants and hoodies.  For extra warmth, get 15 percent off gloves, mitts and all other accessories from New Balance.

Subscribe and save. Fitness magazines like Runner’s World and Men’s and Women’s Health offer advice from experienced runners, nutrition tips and inspiration. Save $15 on a subscription on, since you’ll save significantly by purchasing a subscription versus in the grocery store.

Comparison shop to pick the right shoes. Running shoes can be very pricy, but oftentimes the prices on a specific model will vary by retailer. Find deals like $20 off orders over $100 at FootLocker or free shipping from Finish Line. As a runner, once you find the right shoes, remember the model name and continue to buy those shoes when yours wear out. Some runners have multiple pairs of shoes to rotate throughout their weekly runs; others change their shoes between 350 and 500 miles.

Recruit friends and change the scenery. When training for a long race, running can become monotonous. If you get bored with your weekly training schedule, switch up your course. Los Angelinos are spoiled with beautiful beaches and great trail runs to offer a scenery change. Running with a friend is another great way to beat the doldrums of running. Great conversation will make the time go faster, plus running with a buddy is a great motivator not to skip a run.

Nutrition and other needs. Whether you’re looking for energy supplements for long runs, vitamins, or sunscreen and other personal, retailers like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and CVS are great stops to help get in tip-top running shape.

Wish me luck at the race and I hope to see you there too!