Is a Subscription Food Service Worth it?

Aug 19, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

Subscription food services have recently skyrocketed in popularity, however prudent shoppers continue to wonder if this innovative service is worth the price. Whether you have a busy day job that keeps you on the move or if you’re constantly trying to keep up with the kids - no one wants to waste time and energy preparing a meal. It seems as though subscription food services provide the perfect solution for this, since they take the hassle out of grocery shopping and cut down on time spent in the kitchen. wanted to test it out for ourselves to see if the quality, menu selection, and cooking time would be worth the investment of your hard-earned cash. For this experiment, we partnered with Plated and selected a few meals that would be put to the test. We cooked the meal ourselves and, in under 40 minutes, we were left with a satisfying and savory lunch (it was Beef and Broccoli which, according to Plated, is a fan favorite). The dish featured Chinese broccoli, rich slices of seared steak, and a vibrant vinaigrette that combined soy, honey, and red wine vinegar. The meal was simply delicious, quickly made, and could be created by someone of any skill level. To create this culinary masterpiece for yourself, you can use this coupon code to take 25% off your first four orders with Plated!

It’s easy to see why so many people have flocked to food subscriptions like Plated - they provide quality food you won’t get bored of, allow you to skip the grocery store, and save you money on artisanal ingredients. Plated is definitely worth the investment if you’re looking to save money on groceries and still enjoy delicious foods. If you’re still not convinced that food subscriptions are worth it, here are a few more factors that will sweeten the pot:

Plated food delivery

Reliable Delivery

If you find that you’re always too busy to make dinner, this is the perfect solution. Instead of wasting time grocery shopping and planning meals for the week, you can rely on Plated to take care of the heavy lifting. That means you can get back to the important things, like picking up the kids from school, working on your side hustle, or finishing that proposal for your boss.

For every meal you order with Plated, you’ll receive pre-portioned ingredients that come in just the right amount for the recipes you selected. The insulated box is carefully hand-packaged through reliable couriers like Fedex and delivered right to your door between 8am and 8pm. Plated guarantees that your food will stay fresh within the box until midnight on your delivery day and, not to mention, they deliver to over 95% of the United States. So, what are you waiting for?

High quality food

Delicious & High Quality Food

A homecooked, instagram-worthy meal can seem like a pipedream if you have limited experience in the kitchen, but don’t worry - the chefs at Plated have you covered. The culinary team are experts in creating balanced, healthy, and delicious meals that adhere to dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, vegan, non-GMO, organic, and more. They also ensure that their livestock isn’t exposed to antibiotics, all beef is raised with no added hormones, the seafood is sustainably caught, and only the freshest produce is selected for their recipes.

Their mouth-watering menu is designed by professional chefs who carefully select 20 recipes (plus desserts!) for individual users like you! The menu is also seasonal and rotates on a weekly basis, so you’ll never be tired of having the same ol’ thing for dinner. You can even click here to find food selections that were specially designed for world travelers, food bloggers, farm stand regulars, seasoned home cooks, and tireless parents.

Flexible food for your schedule

Flexibility and Freedom

Why should you settle on what you’re having for dinner when you can have something delicious instead? When your busy schedule keeps you from having the foods you crave, you can look to Plated for a quick and easy dinner solution. Unlike other food services, Plated allows users to choose exactly how many servings and nights they wish to use the service. Then, users can view the entire menu and mix and match the dishes to create whatever combination they want. Users will be able to find everything they could want right here - from quick 10 minute meals to culinary masterpieces that can feed the entire family.