Perks of Signing Up for a Monthly Wine Subscription

Perks of Signing Up for a Monthly Wine Subscription

Magen Sanders

Magen SandersMay 25, 20184 min read

If you are a true “wine-o”, then you have investigated those luxurious and dream fulfilling monthly wine subscriptions that offer the perfect glass of pinot right to your door. With options galore, wine subscriptions allow you to get a few bottles every month to taste and experience and, perhaps, to find a new favorite. Whether you love a good cab or can’t get enough chilled Riesling, monthly wine clubs are the way to go to experience quality wines every month. wanted to see what those famous “wine of the month” clubs had to offer and test it out for ourselves. Gold Medal Wine Club was a clear winner with their 6, count ‘em, 6 club options ranging from two bottles of California’s best to three International bottles or, for those with particular tastes, a Pinot Noir Wine Club that ships 2 bottles monthly. We received our Gold Medal Wine Club box that included two reds, a blend and a pinot noir, and one chardonnay. The package included a personalized card, organza wrapping for each bottle, a wine bag, bottle opener and pamphlets and inserts of information on wineries, Gold Medal Wine Club and more. Based on experience with this monthly wine subscription these are the perks we found:

Luxury at Affordable Prices

With bottles of wine with prices ranging from 2 buck chuck to having to sell a kidney to afford, wine habits can be pricey. The option of getting a few bottles of quality wine at an affordable price is hard to beat. Gold Medal Wine Club has different options that range from $39 a month to $179 depending on your selection and needs. This makes a monthly wine membership worth getting simply for the affordability of your otherwise expensive hobby of wine-tasting.

With an average wine bottle priced at $38, getting 2 for $39 is a steal and the ability to try crafted wines for the first time is an added bonus from the experts at Gold Medal Wine Club. You can save up to 40% off winery retail prices with a subscription through Gold Medal Wine Club.

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Always Have Your Wine Fridge Stocked

With a continuous shipment of quality wines, you can continue to add to your collection and stock your wine fridge with an array of wines. Never go to a party empty handed and always have wine waiting for guests at your next dinner party. In the case of it was the perfect addition to a company thrown happy hour after work on a Friday afternoon. All we had to do was simply open up our Gold Medal Wine Club box which ensured we had something for everyone’s particular tastes.

Gain Something New Each Month

Each subscription not only comes with a wine selection from handcrafted and family-owned wineries that will teach you about your taste buds, but each club features a full-color publication about the featured winery and selected wines in your box. Educate yourself and your guests on the wines of the evening and learn about the history of the vineyard, get recipes and learn fun facts about the wineries of that month’s selection.

Rewards Beyond the Box

This subscription isn’t just about just drinking wine, it is about enjoying everything wine clubs have to offer. From information and interviews to further savings on wine purchases. Every wine club member gets that 40% off Winery Direct Prices in the online wine store. So if you found one you love, continue to get it with the membership rewards program. Love them all? Save more when you order six or more bottles and always have your favorites on hand for those last-minute soirees or girls night in.

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Unique Gift Inspo

Here at we love gifting almost as much as we love saving. When trying out Gold Medal Wine Club we were hit with inspiration for an epic and unique gift idea. Instead of a one and done gift get someone you care about a subscription to a wine club. They can continue to enjoy their gift month over month. Does your dad love a good glass of Pinot Noir at dinner? The Pinot Noir Wine Club is a great idea for Father’s Day this year. You can select the number of shipments you want to be sent and how frequently (monthly, bimonthly or quarterly) and give dad an ongoing gift he will love. Gold Medal Wine Club offers great inspo for gift giving year round, and the savings you’ll get on this year’s Father’s Day gift never goes out of taste.