Memorial Day Weekend: Deals and Busts

May 22, 2014Reading Time: 6 min

Memorial Day weekend is finally upon us so it’s time to prepare for some big sales. Merchants all over will be slashing prices in order to get you out of your seat and spend. However, before you go out and spend a fortune, take a look at these so called deals and decide whether the offer is good for the taking. Here are the biggest Memorial Day weekend deals and busts:

1. Wait for a new television, purchase a laptop instead

During Memorial Day weekend you’ll notice numerous sales on top electronics and gadgets. Some of these discounted items will be televisions, tablets and cell phones. Mounting a fancy new flat screen in your living room does sounds like a great idea. However, it is best to wait a bit longer to purchase a brand new television. In order to score that fantastic deal on a brand new TV wait until November or December to do so. Although hectic, Black Friday offers the best deals on high quality televisions and other products. Towards the end of the year, companies begin to showcase newer models, thus decreasing the value of current televisions. Therefore, clearance sales take place, allowing you to swoop in and purchase high quality electronics for crazy prices. A television can always wait, so make sure stay clear of them during Memorial Day weekend.

If you are looking to purchase a cost-friendly electronic device this weekend you should indulge in the lowered costs of laptops. Newer models or upgrades are being released throughout the year. With back-to-school deals in August and September, purchasing a laptop seems ideal during that period. However, during the months of April and May computer companies such as HP and Dell provide huge discounts on current models. Most manufacturers announce new models during April, thus creating a decline in price of current models. The price dip experienced during April is usually greater than back-to-school deals. So, during Memorial Day weekend, check and see if prices continue to deplete for laptops. If so expect solid deals on laptops and take advantage of it.

2. Flying is boring and expensive; a cruise is fun and cheaper

When you’re planning a vacation across the country or globe it’s always smart to organize everything a few months in advance. This allows you to save money on flights, hotels, car rentals or any scheduled activities. When purchasing your flights, search for them on a Tuesday afternoon. You’ll more than likely find tickets at discounted prices due to Airlines trying to fill in seats. Also, search hotel sites for deals and packages on rooms at a fraction of the original price. However, once your travel arrangements are set you’ll notice how expensive traveling around the globe can be. Even with discounts a vacation can range anywhere from $500 to $1,500 on expenses. If you want to travel abroad take the time to strategize the perfect time for your vacation. Like most deals, different seasons provide cheaper prices for all expenses. For example, if summer is your desired time, try and book your vacation during the fall or winter.

Vacations are a huge component of summer and everyone deserves to enjoy one for a great price. A fantastic option for an affordable vacation is a cruise. Cruises provide constant enjoyment for families and allow you to visit parts of the world you may never get to see! Priceline offers great deals on a variety of cruises for two-thirds of the price of a trip across the country. Also, if you end up booking a cruise through Priceline you can earn up to $1,000 in free hotel stays. Expect even more deals with Memorial Day weekend considering cruise lines will want to fill rooms for summer cruises.

3. There’s always a deal on cars, stock up on car parts and accessories

Memorial Day weekend is known for its special deals and discounts on new and used cars. Dealers consider the three day weekend a blowout sale opportunity and urge you to take advantage of great deals. Although the price cuts may be enticing during this time, patience will be your key to saving on a new or used car. New models are released by distributors towards the end of the summer. So, in order to prepare for the 2015 models, car lots will try to clear out their 2014 models. Therefore, head to a dealership towards the end of September. Doing so will offer you extra savings and allows you to haggle down the price easily.

In the meantime, you may as well stock up on essential car parts and accessories. Consider this opportunity as a way to prepare for future car related issues. By doing so, you can save a fortune on oil, batteries, parts and washing materials during Memorial Day weekend. Expect service stores to lower costs on a ton of products. AutoZone offers discounts and deals constantly, but anticipate greater savings during the three-day weekend.

4. Postpone a new grill or patio equipment, focus on cookware or a vacuum

During a hot summer day the ideal activity for your family is to play in the pool, cook up some hamburgers and hot dogs, and lounge around on comfortable patio furniture. Experiencing a day like this sounds even better with a brand new grill and patio equipment set. Therefore, grills and patio furniture become hot items to purchase before the summer kicks off. Through Memorial Day weekend families can save on both items, but it’s best to hold off until summer’s end to purchase a grill and patio furniture. Once fall comes around expect huge clearance deals on grills and patio furniture. You may not use your grill or patio equipment as much during the fall but when summer rolls around you’ll enjoy the fact that you saved big on your new items.

Instead of focusing on a new grill and patio equipment, invest your time into spending less on household items. Items such as cookware, refrigerators and vacuums are major products to save on. Due to newer refrigerator models being released at the beginning of summer, older models decrease in value. You can even haggle with a clerk and try to earn a greater discount. There are still spring sales on cookware so why not purchase a new set for your kitchen or as a gift for a graduation or wedding. There are other domestic items you should invest in and save on during the three day weekend. Vacuums are also a hot spring sales item to check out. Stores such as Walmart and Sears provide great Memorial Day weekend deals on these products.