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AutoZone is the number one shopping destination for auto buffs of all backgrounds, including dealers and mechanics. With free ground shipping options for orders over $25, same-day store pickup, and one of the largest selection of auto supplies on the market, it’s an exciting stop that also delivers a great bargain.

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AutoZone Coupons and Deals

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AutoZone Coupons

AutoZone is the largest aftermarket auto retailer out there and sells both parts and accessories. Founded in 1979, the company has an international presence both online and in brick-and-mortar locations. Currently, the store has 6,000 stores across the United States, Mexico, and Brazil.

The company offers items for casual purchasers as well as products that are specially made for professional mechanics and car dealers. Just some of these products include auto parts, interior and exterior accessories, tools, equipment, fluids, and chemicals - all of which come at competitive prices.

In addition to low prices, AutoZone has a special rewards program that adds value to each purchase. AutoZone has a special rewards program that adds value to each purchase. AutoZone rewards a certain number of minimum purchases to members with a gift certificate to use online or in-store. There are few restrictions to this program which means it’ll be easy for you to score big deals!

Another bonus of shopping at AutoZone is its meticulous organization of auto parts, accessories, and more. For example, in the “Auto Parts” section, choices are subdivided into wiper blades, batteries, spark plugs, brakes and traction control, electrical and lighting, and external engine options. Whatever you want, you can easily find it at AutoZone.

For the bargain hunters, there is the “Hot Deals” section of the site, which features even-lower prices on great products like Duralast, Meguiar, and Armour. And it’s not bargain-basement stuff that you know would be heavily discounted -- you can find tire repair kits, tire coating, socket sets, vehicle covers, and more. You can’t go wrong with AutoZone! And guess what - they take promo codes, too!