Macy's: Not Just For Grownups

Macy's: Not Just For Grownups

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerMay 12, 20173 min read

We’ve talked about Macy’s being a long-established brand, making strides to update their look, improve their offerings, and create a more personalized experience. To summarize, 1858 and still going strong is no small feat.

I know Macy’s primarily for the work clothes, which are fabulous. Dresses come in those secretly-comfy styles that still look buttoned up, skirts are in every pattern and length you can think of, and the shoes? Oh, the shoes. My friends and I actually have a “game” devoted to adding shoes to our Macy’s wish list (by the way, you should try it!). But there’s another section I’ve discovered recently that deserves hefty praise: the kids’ section.

Because there are so many deals and cute looks to be had, I’m going to break this down:

Sweet sundresses: In every color and every design, these dresses take the cake. When I first browsed the dress section, my first thought was: gingham galore! Some of the dresses have a more adult look, and others are distinctly more flouncy and frilly (for the ultimate tiny tot ensemble!). Some of my favorites included a tropical dress in a gorgeous floral print, a beautiful sequined illusion gown that I wish came in adult sizes, and a range of sweet dresses with tulle skirts (all musts!).


Sets: Every parent makes his or her life easier by shopping for children’s sets instead of piecing separates together. Sometimes it’s fun to come up with cute little matching outfits, and other times… you simply don’t have the time and energy. These sets are for those times. Cotton tops and shorts sets, layered tanks and printed leggings, and boys’ sets complete with jean shorts round out the selections… and prices range from $14 to $22. If you’re looking for supreme deals, however, you can even scoop up looks from $5.99.

Suits and formal gear: You’re probably only going to shop for a child’s suit when you’re running out of time, and I don’t blame you. Kids grow too fast to keep one on hand, so department stores like Macy’s fill a need. What I liked most were the boys’ sets from designers like Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein, because you know you’re buying quality (and after that, it’s really just about price comparison and personal taste – at least you’ve gotten one thing out of the way!).

Bodysuits and rompers: I say, when your child is young enough to wear bodysuits and rompers, enjoy it… they are adorable! Themed, printed, plain, ruffled, and even…. ones with animal designs. So. Stinkin’. Cute.


And on to the promo codes we love so much! We’ve got a few to help you save, including: 

  • 20% off most regular and clearance goods
  • Free shipping on your order of $99 and more
  • 25% off clearance items
  • 20% off with a credit card sign up

Happy Shopping!