Last Minute Costume Ideas with Accessories from

Oct 25, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Halloween is right around the corner and there is nothing worse than being left without a costume. All these parties and events to go to and no outfit in sight. This is when the scramble begins. You dig through your closet and costumes from your past to find something that can work for the Halloween festivities. Before you resort to cutting holes in a sheet you realize you can order the simplest accessories from to make a memorable costume this year. Get costume inspiration and accessories for less when you apply code pc15offhc at check out and get 15% off site wide! 

All it takes is a pair of shoes or perhaps one head piece to create a fun and iconic costume to rock at the upcoming Halloween party. Here are some great finds that you can throw together with some items from your closet to create your own last-minute Halloween costume.

Minecraft Steve Head

Throw on a t-shirt and some jeans and rock this simple Minecraft Steve Head and you got yourself a fun and pixelated character from your favorite game.

Marty McFly

Back to the Future has become an iconic film and Marty McFly a character favorite. From the orange down vest to the Marty McFly sneakers this costume is easy to throw together with the right cloths from your closet.

Pair it with the hover board as your accessory and rock the futuristic shoes that everyone wanted and you become a time traveling cool kid at this year’s Halloween party.

Freddy Krueger

Bring the nightmare back to Halloween with Nightmare on Elm’s Street’s favorite scary man Freddy Krueger with just a mask and his terrifying glove of knives. Create this spooky character by finishing him off with your favorite striped sweater and your brown hat in the back of a closet and you can bring out the spook this Halloween.


Everyone loves a good vampire costume and when it comes down to it all you need is a great pair of fangs. Want to be a modern vampire? Dress up in your favorite outfit, add a red lip and some eyeliner and your modern vamp look is complete!


Show up as everyone’s favorite Pokémon with this Pikachu kit complete with ears and lighting tail. Rock a bright yellow sweat suit and some rosy cheeks and this Pokémon comes to life during this year’s Halloween.

Scare Crow

Becoming a scare crow is a simple as these 5 scare crow hay pieces a flannel and some overalls and you can become a goofy, lovable scare crow and be some comedic relief at the spooky Halloween gathering.