Promocodes Has the Selection to Keep You Ahead of the Halloween Trends

Oct 02, 2017Reading Time: 4 min

Halloween is the perfect time to show your love and pay homage to some of your favorite characters and trends of the year. Making sure you are the best dressed at the costume party is another reason why you need to hit up to get your trending costume.

We all know the timeless trends that we are subject to at Halloween: Danny and Sandy couple’s costumes, Ghosts using a white sheet, and of course a spooky classic, Dracula. But what about the timely trends of the “now”? With some of this year’s hottest movies out and our favorite television shows and social media trends, we need to keep up with the costumes of 2017 and make sure to go all out.

Here are some recommended 2017 trending costume favorites you can pick up at to make sure you are the best dressed at any Halloween party.

1. Wonder Woman

We saw her in all her butt kicking glory on screen but what about in real life? You can rock this ensemble and bring this hero to life with all the accessories you need. From her distinct Tiara and Arm Band to a fresh pair of gauntlets you will be ready to save the world and save yourself last year’s costume embarrassment.

Need to complete the look? You can shop other accessories not included like the Justice League Wonder Woman Sword or Golden Rope and be unbeatable in the costume contest!

2. King of the North

If you haven’t caught up on your Game Of Thrones now is the time. This King of the North costume is for any GOT lovers out there who want to do Jon Snow justice. With a fierce cape and of course the gloves to keep warm in Winterfell, you can show your great king respect with this costume.

3. Pennywise

Time for a scare. Everyone has been talking about the new rendition of Stephen King’s “IT” that came out in theaters recently and you can use the thrill and chill of this scary movie to your advantage. With this creepy deluxe Pennywise costume, you can frighten your fellow party goers balloon in hand. With the mask and hair combo and jumpsuit this costume is all you need to bright the spook back into Halloween this year.

4. Inflatable T-Rex

We have all seen the video clips of the hilarious inflatable T-Rex costumes and the gags people have pulled, but have you seen this Halloween inspired Skeleton T-Rex? Use your own twist on the social media phenomenon and take it up a notch with the skeleton inflatable and you can get the laughs and take home the prize for most unique costume and use of social trends!

5. Belle

Disney did it again with the live action Beauty and the Beast and you can too with this regal Belle costume. Everyone knows her distinct golden yellow gown and they will be talking about your enchanting costume until next year with this Belle Costume. The gown is adorned with pink roses and features the signature details we know and love. Top it off with Belle’s headband and you got yourself an iconic princess fit to rule the party. not only gives you inspiration and flare for your ensemble but with these trending get-ups you are sure to be the talk of the party. Whether you want to be the Belle of the Ball, get some laughs or bring out the fright you can pick your poison with the selection at