It’s Not Too Late to Start Classes With Udemy

Sep 21, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Did you know that many college students in the U.K. don’t start classes until late September or early October? While many students stateside are ankle-deep in textbooks and schedules, you’ve got plenty of time to sign up for a course… just have a look around at Udemy to see what strikes your fancy.

Why Udemy? It’s one of the most respected online course options in the world, currently stocked with more than 55,000 courses for students of all ages. And there’s more.

1. It’s not intimidating

For many of us, going back to school can be pretty scary. Udemy makes it much easier, with an emphasis on nontraditional students. Whether you’re 18 or 78, you can enroll in Udemy, and you can be sure that your fellow students will be as diverse as Udemy’s worldwide, multilingual audience.

2. It’s affordable

The rising cost of education is commonly featured in the news, and it can be scary to make decisions like work or study?. With Udemy, you can continue working and still hone whatever skills you need or want, without misgivings. Seriously -- many classes are $10, and even has a coupon code to whittle the bill even further.

3. There are add-ons for business owners

If you are a business owner, then this is right up your alley: Udemy has a special “destination for workplace learning” that’s stocked with what they call “business-relevant content.” Right now, there are more than 2,000+ courses just for businesses. The site even has features that allow the administrators of the account to “get valuable insights to user behavior and learning patterns.”

4. You have more freedom 

Online learning is the ultimate stress-reducer, because you take the pressure off scheduling classes, traveling, and budgeting for commutes. You can study before work, after your full-time educational gig, or on your lunch hour; it’s your choice!

5. It’s the choice of many top-notch companies

Did you know that heavy-hitters like Lyft, PayPal, and Century21 use Udemy to train employees on business and technical topics? That’s in addition to Udemy being the largest online learning marketplace in the world.

6. It has more than courses

When we were browsing Udemy, we were surprised to find lots of cool articles about the business and online world today. The blog and the press center is chock-full of cool stuff, like a recent report that rising stress at work is driven not only by artificial intelligence, but by politics as well. It’s worth a read.

7. There are special deals right now

At, we don’t give up without a fight… for a discount! Right now, there are some exclusive opportunities for savings, including:

  • $10 courses
  • 60-90% off classes
  • There’s a free course opportunity listed as well -- although YMMV.

Happy Browsing (and Learning)!