Guide for What to Wear to Prom

May 07, 2015Reading Time: 5 min

What does every high school rom-com have in common? The story ends with prom: the biggest night of your high school career and the last big hurrah before graduation. It used to be a night they said you will remember forever, but now with the help of social media, it is actually a night that essentially cannot be forgotten. It is memorialized forever in online album, posts, and videos. To be on the safe side, you better be sure you are looking your best. You only get one shot at prom, and you never know who will see those photos in the future: significant other, kids, maybe even all of society if you become famous. The possibilities are endless.

Once you have basics covered, who you are going with, how you are getting there, and where you are finishing the night, it is time to look the part.

The Ensemble: Gentlemen

Let’s start with the guys. Now your job is a lot easier than your female counterparts, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the opportunity to show off your style as well. You are a bit more limited, unless you want to rock a powdered blue tux or even a neon orange one...yes I’ve seen that before too. My guess though is that you are looking to go the more traditional route, meaning you will need to accessorize with a necktie, bow tie, pocket square, or maybe even socks, if you really want to pull everything together.

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Of course, you are going to have to wait to see what your date wants to wear before you can go all GQ on your prom. Unless you are flying solo; then you can wear whatever your heart desires. Once you have been told that, get something that compliments your date’s outfit with the help of the experts at The Tie Bar. They have a vast selection of affordable accessories to fit any occasion and we have The Tie Bar promo codes to make those prices even better.  My suggestion for prom is to go with something timeless. Don’t go too crazy with the patterns for this event. If you want to be different, trading in your regular necktie for a skinny tie or bow tie should do just the trick. Just make sure you learn how to tie a tie (or how to tie a bow tie) before the big day. I’m sure Mom would love to teach you if you ask...these are the moments she will cherish once you leave for school. To complete your outfit, add a complimenting pocket square. You will effortlessly stand out from the rest. Can anyone say Prom King material?

The Ensemble:Ladies

Now girls, you clearly have a little bit more to think about: dress, hair, makeup, shoes, the list goes on. I still stand by going with a more timeless dress, rather than a crazy trendy assemble. You will undoubtedly look back at pictures from the night in 20 years and ask yourself what you were thinking if you wear something crazy. That doesn’t mean you can’t let out your inner Carrie Bradshaw at the same time. Your Prom dress also doesn’t have to cost a fortune for you to look your best either. It is only one night, and you most likely will never wear it again. So plan out your budget before you even step into the first store and only look at what you can afford. Your favorite department stores like Macy’s will have options in every price point to make you look and feel like a million bucks. Then just find a pair of shoes that you will be able to dance the night away in because that is what you do at prom.

prom hair for girls

It is a good idea to make your hair and makeup appointments as early as you can because they will fill up quickly. Naturally, you don’t have to go to a salon to do any of this. Doing your own hair and makeup might not save you any time on the big day, but it will save a decent amount of money. Practice a few looks beforehand and master the one you love. No one will know the difference if you do it well! Get a bunch of friends together and get ready for prom together and help each other out. With all the YouTube videos available these days, you are probably already an expert.

Adding to the Look

Get a corsage or boutonniere to finish off your date’s outfit. You can of course ask them if they have a specific flower they would prefer to wear or you can just pick one out that you think will go well with his/her outfit. They may seem irrelevant, but just go with it. It is part of the prom experience. Plus they lead to the stereotypical prom photo-op of you handing it off to your date. You don’t want to miss out on that.

prom photo pose

Prom is just one night, but aside from Graduation, it is arguably the only night that you actually have to look good. So say goodbye to childhood in style and make it a night you will actually want to be documented and remembered forever. Plus learning now will help you with the endless amount of formals in college.