Get Affordable Eyewear For Back To School With Ray Ban

Sep 05, 2017Reading Time: 4 min

You’re almost competed your new back-to-school look, from your new wardrobe to your stylish haircut to your killer confidence. But what about your glasses? Start the new school year right by ensuring you’re rocking the perfect pair of frames that match your prescription and your sense of style. And, with one of our coupons for Ray Ban, it’s never been more affordable!

Ray Ban has been in the eyewear business since 1937. Their signature frames have been in style every decade, so a pair of glasses from them is definitely a good investment. For this back-to-school season, Ray Ban has added even more fresh styles to their inventory so you can be sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Here’s what you should know about shopping at Ray Ban.

Their frames come in four standard styles.

Ray Ban has four signature styles that they offer their glasses in. You can choose between their pilot shape, which is inspired by aviators. They offer their square shape, which is probably most iconic to the Ray Band brand. You can also purchase glasses in a funky, round shape or opt for a rectangular shape. Both their regular glasses and sunglasses come in these shapes.

But they offer a lot of classic and funky colours and patterns.

There may be only four shapes to choose from, but there are endless colours and patterns to choose from so you can make your glasses as unique as you. Of course, all of the shapes are offered in standard black, brown, and tortoise shell variants. But some of the colours are funky!

In the men’s section, you can find bright blue or purple glasses. They also offer fully gold ones and ones with bright patterns.  In the women’s section, you can find frames in pink, red, blue or purple. They offer some with gold rims, in a fun cheetah print, or with a print on the inside of the glasses. You can be as wild or as traditional as you want! 

Ray Ban also has a great selection of kids eyewear.  

Don’t forget frames for your mini-me! If you’re looking to get frames for your little one going back to or entering school, then look no further. Just like with the adult glasses, kids options come in the four basic shapes.

You can find frames in fun prints like cheetah or bright, neon colours, as well as in basic options like black and brown. You and your kiddo could even get matching glasses- many of the adult frames are available in the juniors section. 

Shopping at Ray Ban is totally budget friendly.

Ray Ban knows that shopping for frames can be expensive- just like back-to-school season can be! Promo Codes currently has two amazing deals to offer with Ray Ban that will help you save on glasses shopping.

First of all, you can receive free shipping with this coupon to get your package delivered overnight. There’s no need to wait what seems like a lifetime to get your purchase! Check out this coupon to take advantage of this great deal. Better yet, if you’re a first responder or military personnel, you can receive 15% off of your entire purchase. It’s Ray Ban’s way of thanking you for your service!

With these amazing deals to take advantage of as well as Ray Ban’s incredible selection of quality eye wear, there’s been no better time to update your frames! Make sure you use these coupons to save money while getting completely ready for the school year.