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Ray-Ban’s have become such an icon in eye wear that it almost goes without introduction. Producing stylish, sensible sunglasses since 1937 Ray-Ban continues to innovate by including the most modern technology available in their designs. Priced in the luxury market, Ray-Ban sunglasses are worth every penny not just because of how great they look, but because of the quality of the materials that go into each product. Head to today and take a look through their incredible selection of products. Accessorize in style with Ray-Ban sunglasses and eyeglasses. The Ray-Ban brand is synonymous with quality eyewear and is well-known around the world for the stylish frames it offers. Whether you have a round, oval, or any other face shape, Ray-Ban will help you get the perfect frames for your face. The brand achieves this through the best digital tools and services, namely the Face Shape Guide and the Virtual Mirror. With these two, you can find the best frames for the shape of your face and virtually try them on in real time to see how they look before you buy. That way, you’re guaranteed to buy something you’ll love that will definitely look good on you. Ray-Ban also has a Design Your Own option, which allows you to customize your own pair of sunglasses so you can have a look that’s uniquely yours. In case you need prescription glasses, Ray-Ban has opticians who do eye-exams in store, plus you can order your prescription glasses from the comfort of your home by sending or uploading the prescription and use your vision insurance plan to make your payment. All orders to addresses within the 50 U.S. states are delivered free of charge via the standard option, giving you more savings on your orders. We can also help you save on the coolest accessories with Ray-Ban coupons and promo codes available on our site to give you a discount when you order.

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Ray Ban Coupons and Deals

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Ray-Ban Coupons

Ray-Ban began when US Army Air Corps Colonel John A. Macready with Bausch & Lomb to develop glasses for pilots which would reduce glare and other distractions while operating aircraft. Bausch & Lomb’s special knowledge of the human eye had long been valued by the US government which resulted in a series of government contracts for the US Army, but this was among the first. The successful glasses design managed to make flight less dangerous, but Bausch & Lomb could see the commercial value of these glasses so they patented the design and sold Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses to the public.

Bausch & Lomb sold Ray-Ban brand to international eyewear giant Luxottica Group in 1999, but the iconic aviator look has continued to be a company staple. Ray-Ban now features a wider variety of designs than ever and even offers prescription sunglasses. Priced for the luxury market, consumers get a great value from Ray-Ban not only from the fabulous design, but also from the durable materials which ensure that Ray-Ban sunglasses are built to last. Head to today and take a look at all their gorgeous designs and shop with the latest discounts using Ray Ban promo codes now.

The name Ray-Ban is well-known in the world of luxury eyewear. The American-founded Italian brand is loved by many for the stylish sunglasses, eyeglasses, and everglasses it offers. The most popular designs that put Ray-Ban on the market are the aviators and original wayfarers. The company has since added lots more designs to its collection, giving you more style options. You can view the different designs available under the Sunglasses and Eyeglasses sections on the website and get more details on each design. There are also variations in lens colors and types, plus frame designs so that you can pick something that better matches your style. Most of the Sunglasses designs have a Design Your Own feature so you can customize the glasses to your liking. Whether you choose the readily available designs or make the glasses your own, you can save on your order by redeeming Ray-Ban coupon codes from at checkout.

If you need prescription glasses, Ray-Ban gives you the opportunity to combine functionality with style through their prescription eyeglasses. Getting your prescription eyeglasses from Ray-Ban is quite easy. First, you select the frame you want, plus lenses, then add premium lens treatments. After that, you’ll have to submit your prescription by text or email, or upload it directly on the website. As long as the prescription is valid, your glasses will be prepared without any hassle. You can also apply your vision insurance plan to your purchase of prescription eyeglasses, although the specific benefits may vary for each plan. If you’re in-network, the amount covered by your plan will be deducted on the checkout page. Clients out-of-network will have to save their receipts and get reimbursed by their insurance providers later.

Ray-Ban has lots of cool features to help you pick out the perfect frame and style of glasses for your face. The Face Shape Guide, for example, consists of 3 simple questions which will help you determine the best frame that will suit your face perfectly. After finding ideal frames, you can “try them on” through Ray-Ban’s virtual mirror. With this feature, you can see how well each style suits you in real time so you can buy your frames confidently, knowing exactly how they’ll look on you. Besides helping you find the perfect match, these two features keep you from spending money on frames that won’t look so great on you.

Besides stocking cool sunglasses and eyeglasses, Ray-Ban stores also offer eye exams. Qualified opticians are available in the stores to give you eye exams and help with any eyesight issues you might have, plus choosing the best glasses for you. You can find these Ray-Ban stores through the store locator on the website, which will help you find a store that’s closest to you for your convenience.

Ray-Ban Shipping Policy

Ray-Ban offers two shipping options for orders being delivered within the 50 U.S. states. These are Standard and Expedited shipping. Standard shipping is free while Expedited costs $8.00 and is only available for standard frames. Remix custom frames and prescription products can only be delivered via Standard shipping, but the cost remains free and the delivery time varies for each due to the different processing times required.

Ray-Ban Return Policy

If you change your mind about something you bought at Ray-Ban, you can send it back within 60 days for a refund. To initiate the return, you’ll need to enter your order number and email address on the My Orders page then print the Return Label and Authorization. The items being returned must then be packed in the original packaging with all accessories, manuals, and documents; then sent with the pre-paid return label attached to the package.

Ray-Ban Saving Tips

If you enter your email address on the website, you’ll receive emails with exclusive Ray-Ban promotions and special offers on a regular basis. There are also limited-time Ray-Ban deals, often advertised on the website such as the 40% off prescription lenses with frame purchase offer.

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