End Your School Semester with Extra Money

May 19, 2014Reading Time: 5 min

Spring semester is nearing to an end. After weeks of inundating your system with caffeine and information overkill, it’s time to make money. You can relax if you want, but relaxing with money is so much better. Sell all the stuff you no longer need and make some extra cash for that voyage you’ve been planning. Make the cost of that journey even less by doing your research on the latest deals. Do not snooze these opportunities:

End Your School Semester with Extra Money

Hoarding is not permissible – know the limits of your space and choose wisely what to keep. One of the most cumbersome tasks is selling textbooks, especially if they are from classes that will no longer be offered. Bookbyte pays you in cash and offers free shipping for all the unnecessary hardcovers in your shelf. eCampus calculates the value of the book by its ISBN number and pays you within 24 hours after it’s been processed. To all freshmen, selling back to the university may not be your best option. Check out these sites to see where you will get the most back.

By the end of the semester, your wardrobe is packed with piles of clothes. At this point, you can screen out the ones that won’t be worn. Don’t just toss them away, but sell them. ASOS Marketplace is a cyber mall for vogue enthusiasts to sell their pre-owned vintage by opening their own online boutique. For a small monthly fee, ASOS will put those designs under global radar to assist you with selling. Aim for a worldly audience, not a local one. Similarly, thredUP is another place where you can sell your thrift collection. Simply order a “Clean Out Bag” and you’ll receive a free shipping parchment to mail all your clothes for cash. Rejuvenate your drawers by making cash through these fashion emporiums.

While social media is a great way to trade small items, bulky ones such as furniture can be harder. Also, you want to reach a wider audience, not just the students in your college. Score the highest deal you can get by promoting it on Amazon and eBay. The more exposure they get, the faster you’ll be bidding farewell.

Some of you might be getting new gadgets for the summer. Your kneejerk reaction would be selling your old ones for the best value possible. uSell assists in selling your phone from any series – including that Stone Age, cameraless one – even if it’s damaged. By specifying the model and condition, they will give you a list of buyers with their offers. Same applies to tablets, gaming devices, and video games.

For art majors, don’t be a “starving artist” by selling your final works in art galleries – the label sounds romantic, but 50% commission sounds tragic. Make cash and at the same time launch your career through Saatchi Art. You’ll receive 70% of the profit for your work and the company will handle all the logistics. Plus enjoy their free art e-book deal.

To those students who will be booted out of their apartments or dorms soon, take advantage of the 15% off coupon from Public Storage. Lock away your belongings safely for a spacious low price. If you are moving to a new place and need to rent a truck, do it through Budget Car Rentals. Choose the type of car, reserve it, and enjoy the latest specials.

After getting rid of all the junk, look at all the promotions and deals at Southwest Vacations. Save up to $50 on your trip to Las Vegas or receive $100 off in you break at Nassau, Paradise Island. If staying in hotel is not appealing, consider exchanging homes through Home For Exchange. The site has a list of residences around the globe where you can stay for free by swapping your own home. Spend your summer in the quiet countryside in Valencia, Spain or wake up with a view of Eiffel Tower every morning. Both your experience and the stay are priceless.

For graduating seniors, you are in an awkward phase –your college e-mail account is still active and is flooding with updates from that student org that you crashed in once for free Papa John’s (they probably used this coupon). Yet, you are technically not a student. Spam those newsletters and enjoy the last minute hurrahs of having an “.edu” account by signing up to New York Times with a student discount. Or enjoy the 10% off student deal from ASOS. Somehow after college ends, the universe automatically expects you to be able to pay for everything. Your student status may have expired in the real world, but not online. Until your university decides to completely efface your account from the face of cyberworld, enjoy those academic deals.

As my favorite professor said in the last day of class, “money can solve 93% of all your problems.” I’d say that’s an underestimation.