Easter Basket Must Haves for the Whole Family

Easter Basket Must Haves for the Whole Family

Jennifer Carno

Jennifer CarnoMar 30, 20183 min read

Buying someone a pre-made Easter basket filled with goodies is a kind and generous gesture. However, if you have time, why not make them their own special Easter basket? If you plan ahead, you can have fun while crafting unique Easter baskets for your friends and family. Show your creativity and thoughtfulness by picking out specific items they’ll love. Check out our Easter basket must haves for the whole family!


Socks are Cool Again

Back in the day people often complained about getting socks as gifts. But now, with so many high-end socks that offer colorful patterns, good arch support, and durable sweat handling to wick away moisture, there is a sock to make everyone excited! East Bay has running socks to meet everyone’s athletic needs. Check out East Bay’s socks for men, women, boys, and girls. The Asics Intensity and Invasion socks are particularly perfect for working out, staying comfortable, and letting the ankles breathe. For fun patterns for the person who loves obscure gifts, check out the limited edition collection from Happy Feet. While you’re looking at socks why not pick up a new pair of shoes to go with them? Check out this awesome sale on kids’ shoes going on at East Bay too!


At Home Facials and Dental Care!

Personal machines that provide at-home-facials are increasing in popularity. The Luna 2 for both men and women includes anti-aging technology. Foreo.com carries the Luna 2 and other amazing home facial options that will be the highlight of any Easter Basket. These are great gifts because they’re often something someone is less likely to buy for themselves. Be sure to check out Foreo’s super high-end electric toothbrushes too. The Issa 2 can last 365 days on a single charge – talk about the ultimate electric toothbrush for home and travel. If your gift recipient has sensitive gums, then we suggest the Issa 2 Sensitive Set.


Everyone Gets a Pop Socket

Have you heard about Pop Sockets? Well, if not, know that your kids have. Pop Sockets are a hugely popular and useful smartphone accessory that allows for a better grip on the phone. Using a Pop Socket results in fewer drops and damage to expensive smartphones. Pop Sockets are fashionable, attractive, and practical. Not only are kids and teenagers using these, but so are other adults. They have been popping up all over the place! Why not add some pop to your Easter basket with these extremely popular and inexpensive gifts! We recommend the following awesome Pop Sockets: Mandalas, Opal, Stony Heart, Black Marble, Marvel Comics, and the sticker pack. Collecting these is cool, so feel free to give more than one to your son, daughter, wife, husband, or friends.


Smoke or Vape?

Some men and women like to relax with a cigar or at least have fond memories of having one during celebratory moments. If this interests you or your significant other, check out these really great sample packs available at JR Cigars. They have great prices on popular cigars. If you don’t have a clue which kind of cigar your gift recipient would love, but you know they have a passion for cigars, then buy a subscription for the cigar of the month club. This will be the gift that keeps on giving as they will receive cigars in the mail long after Easter has ended. As many make the move away from traditional forms of smoking, they have been supplementing or switching to vaping tobacco. If you know someone who enjoys vaping or has been talking about quitting smoking, consider getting them a vape pen. JR Cigars has great tips, write-ups, and reviews that will help you choose a starter or more advanced vape for your Easter Basket.

You Get a Basket!

Don’t forget about yourself! Sometimes only you know what you really want. If any of the above gifts appeal to you, please treat yourself. You can use these fantastic deals to curate an Easter basket for anyone you like!